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  1. Calendar idea

    you will need BOTH mods. all the info from the template and RSVP is held within the calendar event page, the devfuse mod will post a link the the event page in your selected forum stage 2 of the mods will be a seperate RSVP mod which will be starting soon :)
  2. userpanelsync

  3. Hooks

    + disable all is extremely useful, especially when fault finding an unknown rogue hook. The idea of an additional tick box multi selector would be good as well for enabling/disabling a selected range of hooks.
  4. Topic descriptions no more

    I know, I was asking for a point to be clarified. :) Also, if no one used 3rd party applications or hooks, do you think IPS would reintroduced all the removed functionality? no they wouldn't IMO - and all our boards would look and be remarkably, samey ;) regards Rich
  5. Topic descriptions no more

    but does the hook only make existing topic descriptions re-appear, or does it allow you to input new descriptions when you create a new topic?
  6. Please put Forum Rules back in topic view

    sounds to me that this would be better handled with a 3rd party hook # Use existing IPS forum rules per forum (in manage forums) and display them above the RTE/CKE editor when replying to a topic # display rules based on member group (can then target at guests, new members etc without having seasoned members/admin having to read/agree) # optional agree/confirm button before post button is available (would be grayed out until rules are agreed to) # rules either as full text or a popup box (in new window or lightbox maybe) # have the optional agree button as persistent for every reply, or remember user has already agreed to the rules, either at topic/forum or board level. EG a cookie to not display the rules again once agreed with. I don't know if it is possible to remember settings at either topic, forum or board level and have it selectable via hook ACP settings? just food for thought :) Rich
  7. hookentrypoint

  8. endresult

  9. Can I use IPB to run Surveys?

    it sounds like you need something like IP content, or some system that allows different type of input fields such as multi select, radio buttons, text/text area etc etc and then the ability to search and collate the results. If using IP content, it would need someone to work with you to produce a system, I'd recommend approaching Marcher Technologies (search IPB member ist or marketplace) to help make something. There is a 3rd party app, 'collections' system which is meant for listing collections of items in categories with options and wotnot, maybe that could be adapted although I'm not sure on the flexibility of the search records side of things. - Michael John of One Q. how are you entering the data? is it manually or do you need to be able to suck in questions and answers and spit out a formatted survey question? regards Rich
  10. IP.Content 2.3 Dev Update: Tagging

    [quote name='Stenis' timestamp='1324892367'] Please fix so that the sorting in the tags cloud is sorted and showing the most frequently used tags first! Already submitted this to the appropriate forum but would like to emphasize this. If you have suggestions for other improvements to IP.Content, please don't hesitate to share them in our IP.Content feedback forum! also, most frequently used tags are shown LARGER than other tags, which is standard tag cloud behavour
  11. Notifications when a username is mentioned?

    ^^ what #Salvo says :)
  12. Different Headers For Board/Content ?

    you could maybe do something in the theme's header template if/else fields calling up for different images depending on which board area you are in, but I can't think of an 'out of the box' solution unless its something IP Content can do?
  13. Different Headers For Board/Content ?

    ok, in forums > manage forums, each category/forum has a drop down box, in that drop down box there is a 'skin options' setting