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  1. Yes! I have to add myself I always have been satisfied by the support all alon my little bugs, strangeness, huge stuff & help to setup the beast. currently debugging my problem
  2. sure. they answered. for reference/infos, it was (probably) because of a huge upload I make and which has taken a process etc etc a faeces.
  3. if only I could put another message instead of that one :
  4. as written in my first post, I did :) anyway, it is written they wouldn't do that before to warn you/discuss it really sucks and I begin to have enough to have to log something each week for this, that, this ... really.
  5. hi there, I logged something at support of course but.. I'm totally stuck My website is unavailable and I cannot access to admin part in order to check what values I explode is it number of online people ...? They shouldn't cut the website but inform us as written on the plans page is it bandwidth ...? it is unmetered I love support people, but I NEED an information & a solution NOW..
  6. Different Commission per Group

    any news about that ??? it would be really required!
  7. Different Commission per Group

    and it wouldn't be that hard...
  8. Different Commission per Group

    it is still really missing .. I don't understand why they don't add this precious feature which would bring their solutions to an high level. Indeed, I'm sure there would be a LOT of social selling platforms which would be created with it with that.....
  9. Seeing the number of other platform including a mailchimp support (check, I cannot understand why you don't make that. Of course, we can use their forms here or there. But proposing one time to each customer an opt-in stuff would just be great!
  10. it means it will be integrated ??
  11. Hi there, I'd like to know your position about multiple commissions feature. I (and we) need that. This is a huge lack. Indeed, commission depends on each deal in real life It can depend on many things like - the person with who you make the deal, - the product PLEASE, give us this one. I'm blocked & stuck with some partners with that and I know one of them is studying another platform for that and I'd want to keep IPS ...!!!!
  12. Different Commission per Group

    then? would it be implemented, mates? in my case, I really need that.
  13. Different Commission per Group

    This feature is totally required. I have even thought about commission per product! Indeed, in the real life, I'm negotiating with people interested by selling on my shop. So each negotiation leads to a commission. It means for a product, or a group of product, I need ... a special commission. Would it be added ?
  14. IP.Board 3.3 Dev Update: New SEO Tweaks Roundup

    nice when hosting solutions customer will have that installed ?
  15. I hope I'm not the only one interested :P