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  1. Migrating From V-Bulletn 5

    Is there any rough timeline on the direct to v4.0 importer? We have acquired a few sites that we want to merge into our forums, but we are already on 4.0. In the past we used converter to import new forums we purchased into our existing forum. 
  2. Oh snap, broken Marin Frame

    Photo upload test. URL Test Figured my broken marin would make a good test photo for the new gallery version.
  3. Mutiple chat room per groups

    Link to IPB intergration?
  4. Mutiple chat room per groups

    I looked at arrowchat a while back but their IPB board demo was offline.... that kinda settled that.
  5. Mutiple chat room per groups

    Is chat 2.0 even in the pipe?
  6. Upgrade suggestions

    Whats why you DL the new version open and clean it. Tar it, upload the tar, and extract it server side.
  7. Upgrade suggestions

    Version checker seems to work to resolve that though. On a couple boxes ownership of a file was not to the account I was on, so like 2 out of 3000 were not updated. I went to ACPs version checker and it caught it right off. Two uploads later back in the game. Granted I re-uploaded everything as root later that day when I was home to be sure, but seemed to be an option. If nothing else an upgrade tar with no init, graphics, or favicons would be nice.
  8. Upgrade suggestions

    Per: With the version checker in the ACP and a simple check in SQL for build number I do not think these issues would be that big of a deal. With 6 IPS sites under this account and 5 under another upgrades are a PITA. You have to remember to strip out images, favicons, and so on, on top of checking the init file, and do so on. I hat to admit it, but I skip updates on some of the smaller sites just due to not wanting to have to deal with this when another update is probably only a week away by the time the current one is stable.
  9. View New Content and Sphinx problem

    Per Jason H In /admin/applications/forums/extensions/search/engines/sphinx.php Change $this->sphinxClient->SetGroupBy( 'last_post_group', SPH_GROUPBY_ATTR, '@group ' . $sort_order ); To $this->sphinxClient->SetGroupDistinct ( "tid" ); $this->sphinxClient->SetGroupBy( 'tid', SPH_GROUPBY_ATTR, 'last_post ' . $sort_order );
  10. View New Content and Sphinx problem

    Empirical yes but..... with sphinx on I have deltas in my VNC and Todays Active Topics. Order is also jacked and duplicates. If I break the path to sphinx neither service works. If I go back to mysql search everything is fine. So with that, I am going to ASSUME that both do indeed use sphinx. That and I looked at the code and they do ;)
  11. View New Content and Sphinx problem

    A patch for this would be great. Even if all it did was give the option to turn off sphinx for VNC and Todays Active Content. Well I guess thats no good for people running innodb but screw them. :lol:
  12. IP.Board 3.2.0: New reputation mode - "Like"

    [quote name='Black-Elmo' timestamp='1298639658'] What will happened with negative reputation. Will it become Disliked by... I hope so. Thats what facebook needs.
  13. Final or RC3?

    There an ETA on this? I know it went from RC2 to final, to some time after final.