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  1. Targeting Mobile/Tablet/Desktop Screens

    and a php line code?
  2. Targeting Mobile/Tablet/Desktop Screens

    is there a solution for desktop banner not to be loaded, I mean, just not be there instead of been hidden on mobile devices ?
  3. Member Map

    This mod is very cool but we need to handle v3 and a large number of members, is there a new version anytime soon ?
  4. SEO not working anymore on latin caracters

    So how can we fix that?
  5. Since 3.4.x, the SEO URLs are not converted properly on latin caracters, ex. Title : Les universités québécoises débarquent en France ! is converted to : .../topic/122523-les-universits-qubcoises-dbarquent-en-france/ instead of : .../topic/122523-les-universites-quebecoises-debarquent-en-france/ It worked on previous versions of IPB.