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  1. Will you be updating your files to work with IPB 3.2?

  2. Status updates down right side gone D:

  3. Finally got me free web hosting site going :D

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    2. .time


      You spelt "including" wrong.

    3. Jamie.


      signed up and put a support ticket in lol

    4. JPavey


      @.time photoshop rush fail, Fixed :)

  4. What do I add to license key to test for trial again? :/

  5. lol @ tracker - Fatal error: Cannot use assign-op operators with overloaded objects nor string offsets in /home/forumsi/public_html/admin/sources/base/ipsMember.php on line 2825

  6. Loves how all of his stuff just got hacked while he was in his sleep -_-

    1. Jamie.
    2. skindev


      Rough times. Did you have back-ups?

    3. Robulosity2


      More importantly, did you find the source of how the data was compromised

  7. R.I.P Ryan Dunn.

    1. Ryan Ashbrook
    2. xCurlyx


      soo sad :(

    3. proutie87


      damn that sucks sad day for jackass fans. my thoughts are with his family and friends

  8. Driver error constantly when trying to post topic, fml.

  9. on Setup, how do I change the 64M to the 128M recommended?

    1. .Ian


      best to ask questions in a post :)

  10. Well thats my 3.2 skin done - :D

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    2. Gaffney


      Not gonna lie but it's only 50% finished.

    3. JPavey


      true, need to finish of some of the text colour and navbar etc.

    4. Gaffney


      yeh, 1-2 template mods as well and it should be grand

  11. So many gaming sites O_o

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    2. Amy T

      Amy T

      There are a lot of gaming sites as well as anime sties and my site is both lol.

    3. JPavey


      Most of them just getting boring as they are just a copy of the big sites like TTG & Se7's -.-

    4. AlexJ


      Mine is plain and simple LOL

    1. Andrej


      What area in css did you change to change the blue header? Btw looks nice so far.

    2. .Peter


      Man you're just whipping these skins out.

  12. Catching A Nulled Site off guard rofl - Time for another piracy form fillout

    1. Aisha


      How do you know?

    2. Haku2


      Just because someone didn't enter their license key in the Admin CP doesn't mean their board is nulled.

    3. PSNation


      Yeah how do you know it is nulled

  13. But will it blend?