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  1. (BD4) Moods

    work not    Please update
  2. [HQ] Badges

    I get this plugin does not work on my new site   help
  3. Topic Description for IPS 4.x

    Hey I would also like this Could this also standard can come back in ipb4 please @Charles Gerard would you like to make this plugin be available newbie LAC
  4. Advanced Post Icons

    Hello allI wonderif this Mail Advanced Iconsis also updated to 4.0 regards Gerard
  5. Rare wrong date in quotes

     Is it possible to quotes to turn off gerard
  6. Show Ratings In Topic Listings

    Update please for 4.0
  7. (DP31) Advanced Post Icons

    DawPi do you plan to update this to 4.0 please
  8. Looking for forum builders

    Hello ‌@Charliewhere do I think of the word custom SSO developmentGerard
  9. hide the message

    HelloI'm looking for a program that hides the message for all groupsbut not for the adminsas a member a thank you, that the hidden content is displayedWho can help me here or will that make meI want to be best for paygreeting gerard
  10. Show us your IPB 4 sites!
  11. Custom BB-Codes

    I'm looking for this custom  bbcodeAttentionInformationNoticeWarningHelpWho can help me heregerard001 
  12. 4.0.0 Speed test

  13. ip Chat error 2H269 / 2

    HelloI got the ip chat visible but now I get to see the following error when I try to go to the chat 2H269 / 2what does this errorThanks gerard