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  1. I'm glad you guys finally joined 2006 with allowing use to use SFTP in your tickets but could you go a step further and start allowing SSH keys of a reasonable length as me allowing password access make baby pandas cry
  2. NGINX Support Needed

    Hi, To be honest NGINX support is really needed at the moment this is getting a bit unbelievable or at least some up to date guides for this.
  3. Hi Guys, One issue I have is that I can't give permission to normal mods to delete or remove statuses without giving them the whole package like super mod could we either be able to give more powers to normal moderators OR limit super mods much in the same way admins are restricted with Admin Control Panel Restrictions as we have had issues with two super-mods over the past two years going rogue or being hacked and deleting a fair few forums posts before we could react. Thanks, Tythus
  4. Sending Bulk Mail

    Is there any way to find out?
  5. Sending Bulk Mail

    Hi Everyone, I am wanting to send some bulk mail and it's asking me how much per cycle to send I want to know how much I would send if I make for example 10 per cycle and or where I would find this info so I only send 300 an hour rather than 3000. Ideally I don't want to send so much they start getting blocked and junked. I have multiple IP's also attached to this server could I make it use those to increase the threshold? Thanks for reading, Monkos