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  1. FaithFirst added a topic in General Chit Chat   

    To Run Or Not To Run Zend...
    I have two scripts on my server. Social Engine and Invision. SE says I need to have Zend Optimizer removed for it to work. Invision says I need it to use Nexus. What should I do?
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  2. FaithFirst added a post in a topic Thinking about making the switch   

    Nice network you have going there. As the owner of a network of communities, how do you avoid spreading yourself too thin?
  3. FaithFirst added a post in a topic Staff needed (designers, graphic guys, SEO etc) - Starting a graphic & coding forum aimed at helping admins   

    @Steve, sure, we would love to have you. I have added you to the planning conversation!
  4. FaithFirst added a post in a topic Staff needed (designers, graphic guys, SEO etc) - Starting a graphic & coding forum aimed at helping admins   

    Michael, I appreciate your input and I know what you mean. I began my first forum when I was 12 years old and I took me quite a months to get 300 members. Since then I have done my best to wisen up. I now drive traffic to my forums via a 500,000 member Facebook fan base and I have seen that work well. Unfortunately, these fans have little interest in this new forum but the principal remains the same. If you know how to work with social media I believe that can do a lot to keep people connected with your forum.

    Another part of the forum being made will be a hosting company and a few other services, these will potentially help us generate funds and traffic.

    I now know that with out proper marketing no forum can succeed so I intend to mimic pass successes and avoid failures. My hope is to create a website which can generate enough funds to sustain and make popular a community.
  5. FaithFirst added a post in a topic A laptop or ipad?   

    Laptop, type fast, save and share easy! :rolleyes:
  6. FaithFirst added a topic in General Chit Chat   

    Staff needed (designers, graphic guys, SEO etc) - Starting a graphic & coding forum aimed at helping admins
    Hello all,

    I and 9 other people have come together with the idea of creating a forum all about helping forum admins succeed. Our goal is to help admins see their ideas succeed by helping them in any way we can.

    We are looking for some coders, designers etc to help us make this forum the perfect place for every admin. Can you help? If you choose to help with any of the below you will be added to our freelance team. A team of people who help forum admins with custom needs for a reasonable price.

    We need:

    Graphic designers who would love to help us create graphics for people's forums. We are looking to generate resources that every admin needs.

    Marketing and SEO experts who can help us make the forums of the forum admins popular.

    Coders who can help us create mods that members can download and use. We also need coders who can help with custom support, going into forums, making mods, fixing problems etc

    People who would love to join us in making tutorials for all the above.

    As a member of the team you would be a staff member of our forum and we will need your help creating the free content that will bring the admins to our site. Once admins get connected with our site you would also be a part of our freelance team. As a member of this team you would get open doors to work on forums together with the rest of the teams for pay. Basically we will call upon you when a job is needed and you have the option of taking it or passing it on to another member of the team.

    Our idea is to bring in lots of people by generating lots of free or unique content and then to provide services to those who get connected.

    Love to have you as part of the team. If you are interested please state your skill and your Skype name.
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  7. FaithFirst added a post in a topic Google Adsense Questions   

    I make about 600 dollars a month on google adsence but thats because I get a lot of traffic. You will never regret doing it and since hosting can be done for super cheap you could pay your hosting fees potentially from your income. But if you are looking to make good money your chances are slim.
  8. FaithFirst added a topic in General Chit Chat   

    Looking to hire.
    I am running a website which has many videos on it such as this one

    When people visit the videos they are asked to sign in. Once they sign in or register they end up on the home page. I am looking to hire someone who can make a mod that those who are logged in will be sent back to the page where they logged in from. If you can help that would be amazing. If you would like pay, simple place your name, email, example of some former work (if any) and the price you would be willing to do it for. I will not pay huge amounts as I don't have that. 40$ seems time a good price to me but I am not sure about the complication of the code needed.
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