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  1. Midnight Modding added a comment Paragraph Tags   

    I am very frustrated. IPS themselves did use preDbparse on non-editor content in the past, which is why I even did. All this time everything worked fine for me. Now I have to figure out what to do about this.
    I see even in editor content it does add those tags in. So I guess it's not considered a problem having all those tags all over the place in the DB content. The problem on my end is now in textareas, input boxes, etc... those are showing up.
    So I am hoping someone will either tell me what I should do for all non-editor content instead of preDbParse or else keep it as it is and someone tell me what to do instead of preEditParse.
    I could just replace those new tags and spaces with the breaks again to get them looking right in the textareas. It wouldn't "hurt" anything to have paragraph tags in titles in the database, but obviously ideal would be to not have them in it at all. Maybe even replace those tags when inserting.
    But if I replace preDbParse instead, replace with what? I see IPS is not consistent with what they use on titles. Forum titles and topic titles, for instance, use totally different functions to clean them up. And for some reason $_POST is used for forum titles instead of using $this->request. This is just annoying to have to deal with when I need to be upgrading apps for 4.0, not totally redoing things for soon to be obsolete versions.
  2. Midnight Modding added a comment Paragraph Tags   

    And also I just hate to go to that trouble for a version not many will end up using for long and then they'll move on to one totally different (4.x), so it's work for very little reason on my end I think. Unless I can do it quickly enough.
  3. Midnight Modding added a comment Paragraph Tags   

    Sigh. Ok, thanks. But why would it be ok to use the new method for non-editor content? It doesn't have the same types of bugs? A lot of times I will have descriptions as textareas also instead of the editor, so in those it needed to allow the some simple html, but not as much formatting as the editor makes quickly available.
    I figured for safety reasons, $this->request wasn't enough, so I used preDbParse and also that automatically does the bad words check I think.
  4. Midnight Modding added a comment Paragraph Tags   

    For who knows what reason, between 3.4.7 and 3.4.8 they moved preDbParse into core.php and have it adding paragraph tags to content. With a later version already out why mess with that function? Especially when they don't use it themselves anymore, as its legacy, and now any of my apps which use it are screwed and I am not going to change it to process() and do all the changes needed for that just for something as trivial as getting a .8 version to wkr when a newer version is out.
  5. Midnight Modding added a comment Paragraph Tags   

    using preDBParse and preEditParse, as were still supported through 3.x. I doubt those are causing it any more than the new methods, though. Why something was changed that would affect this beats me.
  6. Midnight Modding added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Paragraph Tags
    Since uploading to 3.4.8 suddenly my app is adding paragraph tags all over the place when adding or editing content. I've been using the app a lot lately and this never happened until upgrading it to ip.board 3.4.8.
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  7. Midnight Modding added a comment Emails   

    well, I am usually not getting them for replies to new ones. That is what I am actually talking about. I think mine is opposite where I do get them for new conversations but not replies to existing ones.
  8. Midnight Modding added a comment Emails   

    Basically everything. When I get an email saying there is a new PM, some days I get it and some days I don't. I'll sometimes go weeks not getting them and then suddenly start getting them again for a few days. I also now follow some of my topics and I have never got an email yet saying someone posted in them, even when there are new posts. It could very well be something going on with my host and nothing to do with anything else, but it justs eems like a big coincidence to happen only when it switched to suite 4 on the company sites (this is all from this site, I am not saying I have tested a copy on my own sites and not received those).
  9. Midnight Modding added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    I just randomly some days get emails from this site and some days they never show up. I have posted a report about his before and was told my server is kicking them. But for it to kick it only some days and not others and it starting once ip.suite 4 started being sued here, I still figure it's unlikely to all have been a coincidence. Maybe something is being done in 4.x that would cause them to be more likely to be suspected as spam with various server programs being used or something?
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  10. Midnight Modding added a post in a topic IE Ad Blockers   

    eh it says adblock in some places and adbloc in others I think.
    Anyway, so far seems to be working very well for me. my computer is finally not making crazy noises overloaded with ads.
  11. Midnight Modding added a topic in General Chit Chat   

    IE Ad Blockers
    Just curious if anyone has tried many ad blockers that work in internet explorer and can comment on which worked the best. For now I am using AdBloc Plus. I read about some others, but anything there is has some bad reviews, as well.
    I know I am not the only one who would have never resorted to an ad blocker if not for how intrusive current ads are becoming. If the dummies had not gone so far, they'd have less people bothering to block them.
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  12. Midnight Modding added a comment PM Wonkiness   

    The id for the conversation itself is 178888. I havent noticed it lately, although the other participant in it said it was acting weird again today.
  13. Midnight Modding added a comment PM Wonkiness   

    It was on this site. It also did it to the other participant in it. It just kept disappearing every time I showed up and then if I sat there on the page it would eventually say it had a new message.
    I am guessing it's not happening now, but posted just in case.
  14. Midnight Modding added a comment PM Wonkiness   

    Andddddd now it's missing again.
  15. Midnight Modding added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    PM Wonkiness
    I got an email notifying me of a new pm. I come to the site to read it. There is no new pm there. I sit ther ein the conversation for a few minutes then it says there is a new reply. I click show reply and it shows that missing reply from several hours earlier, whereas I was not on this site or even in my browser at the time it originally sent, so it should have already been showing.
    I also only get some notifications for a new PM and some I don't get. I was told my server is kicking them, but all I know is it wasn't happening until recent versions on here, so maybe it's something about the software causing it to be kicked. I have had so many PM issues for a while now.
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