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  1. Graphics Card

    I have way too many decisions. Whether or not to do this, whether or not to do this TiVo offer and go back to cable, whether or not to get this good pioneer sound bar that doesn't decode  DTS. There's issues making all of my tech decisions hard.
  2. Favorite Game

    It's always been Ocarina Of Time on N64 or technically the master quest version from the bonus gamecube disc. But as I have played Zelda games more and more I think Majora's Mask may have surpassed it on my list.
  3. Graphics Card

    Thanks for all the useful info. Eventually I'll understand all of this better. I am usually VERY knowledgeable on any electronics I buy, but this is one area I never ever cared about (graphics cards, for instance). I've got some of the best tvs ever made (an oled and an elite plasma) and I am really obsessive about reading everything I can and being sure I am getting some good products. But really the difference here is I don't want to go overboard paying for something I don't need, obviously. So I am trying to weigh everything in my mind. By the way, I have always been so confused by resolution settings. On a tv, whether you have 480, 720, or 1080, the picture is obviously the SAME size. It's just using more or less pixels to make that same size image (assuming all of your tvs are the same size tv). But for computers if you raise the resolution it shrinks text. So confusing to me. I guess the whole concept of pixels is different on monitors using an operating system of a computer...
  4. Graphics Card

    I don't remember spec offhand. It's only 4GB RAM, I think, quad core processor that's like 3 GHz. I don't have any idea what minimum specs you really need. I definitely know my computer already hiccups as it is. But, again, my point is there is more and more online content that is 4k and 4k makes a big difference for close up viewing. I also have vision probs and figured it's "possible" that the technology itself used would benefit even from viewing text on sites, but admittedly I don't know much about what is affected by the higher max resolution. Also, though, like I said, if I need a monitor now, why spend money on an hd monitor only to then turn right back around in a couple years and buy a new one? Right now I am using a 720p one that I have made last for almost 10 years. I am trying to think future-wise where I don't have to turn right around and buy something else. I am trying to think of a good quality monitor that "may" have ability to help with my annoying vision. If I DO get one that is not 4k I want a good NEC monitor though. It's always possible one of those could benefit me more than a 4k lg, but the lg is rated awesomely. Also you're saying to buy the card regardless, so cost of the card doesn't come into play. The only cost is the monitor and if I need a better comp then I'd try to find a comp with the card already in it probably.
  5. Graphics Card

    Most sites I look at them on make it a huge chore to figure out all the specs. For instance, I can't even find anything so far that tells if the 960 is 256 bit. Apparently the 970 is. Someone had told me to only get 256 bit or above. Also why are there a lot of different branded ones with the same model numbers? I guess some companies rebrand the same card, but add their own extras to them? Also, if you happen to have some general ideas on what specs my computer needs to have to properly use one of them, that would be helpful, in case I overlook something in the details. It could end up cheaper to buy a whole new desktop with the good graphics card built in or I guess build my own, but I am not really comfortable building my own (not physically putting it together, that is) Thanks for the responses. I would say the 970 is barely in the price range I would spend. I wonder what is so much better about ones that are up at like $600 though. Also for some reason all of the 960 ones seem to be 2GB yet oddly ONE of them says 4GB. I wonder if its a misprint or if indeed some have different ram?
  6. Any Black Friday deal on Invision Power this month?

    If they do give some discount for renewals, like they usually do, I will probably get some renewed that I have not renewed for years and years and maybe will buy some more apps as well. Seems like usually they announce it a few days before black Friday, though, so I am kid of wondering if they are skipping it this year. I bet they'd do it if people tell them they'd buy something they normally wouldn't. edit: actually last year lindy announced it o Thanksgiving, so it's still possible.
  7. Graphics Card

    I have never bought a separate graphics card. I am wanting to get a particular monitor which is 4k and supports freesync, so I need a card that supports those. But I do NOT game on a pc, so I want to get the most affordable GOOD card for someone who doesn't need to game. Anyone here know much about this?
  8. Tournaments

    It's still tough to tell. Like I mentioned, what has slowed me up was finishing custom work on it for someone else and I have to get straight what I am allowed to add into the main one vs. what he is using exclusively, etc etc, I hope everyone is using 4.1 when it comes out, though, because there's no point in me making it for 4.0. (there probably aren't many changes between 4.0 and 4.1 as far as coding apps, anyway, but at elats some differences).
  9. Tournaments

    yeah, correct. People who had bought it a long time ago may want to renew for the last version I add for 3.x since it will have some possibly important fixes, but generally people could skip renewing if they don't think the latest evrsions have enough of anything they care about. This still ahs not been updated for 4.x, though, which I plan to do very soon.
  10. IE Ad Blockers

    eh it says adblock in some places and adbloc in others I think. Anyway, so far seems to be working very well for me. my computer is finally not making crazy noises overloaded with ads.
  11. IE Ad Blockers

    Just curious if anyone has tried many ad blockers that work in internet explorer and can comment on which worked the best. For now I am using AdBloc Plus. I read about some others, but anything there is has some bad reviews, as well. I know I am not the only one who would have never resorted to an ad blocker if not for how intrusive current ads are becoming. If the dummies had not gone so far, they'd have less people bothering to block them.
  12. My Activity

    Bump. Most people are going to be using that link to see post histories, and you have to go through a long column to find where in the world topics and posts are and click them to get to it. It should either stand out quicker or have forums automatically at the top, regardless of app ordering, in my opinion.
  13. What video game system do you own?

    I'm the one person who has a wii u. It does have a lot of good games for it, though (but I haven't yet played them).
  14. 3rd Party App Developers

    I'm planning to update mine. It's tough to know how long it's going to take, though, because I haven't done much yet, due to finishing up custom work. I am guessing a couple months, but it could always be quicker or longer.
  15. Is IPB4 stable enough yet?

    IIRC, IPS stopped calling any versions RC anymore, so at some point a beta is probably stable enough, but I don't think this one is.