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  1. Tournaments

    It's still tough to tell. Like I mentioned, what has slowed me up was finishing custom work on it for someone else and I have to get straight what I am allowed to add into the main one vs. what he is using exclusively, etc etc, I hope everyone is using 4.1 when it comes out, though, because there's no point in me making it for 4.0. (there probably aren't many changes between 4.0 and 4.1 as far as coding apps, anyway, but at elats some differences).
  2. Tournaments

    yeah, correct. People who had bought it a long time ago may want to renew for the last version I add for 3.x since it will have some possibly important fixes, but generally people could skip renewing if they don't think the latest evrsions have enough of anything they care about. This still ahs not been updated for 4.x, though, which I plan to do very soon.
  3. IE Ad Blockers

    eh it says adblock in some places and adbloc in others I think.Anyway, so far seems to be working very well for me. my computer is finally not making crazy noises overloaded with ads.
  4. IE Ad Blockers

    Just curious if anyone has tried many ad blockers that work in internet explorer and can comment on which worked the best. For now I am using AdBloc Plus. I read about some others, but anything there is has some bad reviews, as well.I know I am not the only one who would have never resorted to an ad blocker if not for how intrusive current ads are becoming. If the dummies had not gone so far, they'd have less people bothering to block them.
  5. My Activity

    Bump. Most people are going to be using that link to see post histories, and you have to go through a long column to find where in the world topics and posts are and click them to get to it. It should either stand out quicker or have forums automatically at the top, regardless of app ordering, in my opinion.
  6. What video game system do you own?

    I'm the one person who has a wii u. It does have a lot of good games for it, though (but I haven't yet played them).
  7. 3rd Party App Developers

    I'm planning to update mine. It's tough to know how long it's going to take, though, because I haven't done much yet, due to finishing up custom work. I am guessing a couple months, but it could always be quicker or longer.
  8. Is IPB4 stable enough yet?

    IIRC, IPS stopped calling any versions RC anymore, so at some point a beta is probably stable enough, but I don't think this one is.
  9. IPS4 speed

    Every single new version they come out with people (including me, usually) complain about speed. They do usually seem to get it a lot faster, though.
  10. IPS 4 is not something I would want

    I didn't like it at first, but I am liking most of it now. They made some weird decisions, that I don't agree with, but I still like 4.0 more than 3.4 now, due to some of the features. Only thing for me is I want bigger fonts, but if I use 125% magnification in IE, it triggers the skin changing like it does for mobile.
  11. I really doubt it will be out in December. Always possible, but in the past most of the time they'd have 5 or more betas and several release candidates. Unless they handle it differently now, since they technically haven't been doing release candidates. Personally I think it will be the borderline of December and January.
  12. My Activity

    On the page that takes you to, it would be nicer if the various headings on the left of that page stand out more, compared with the sections under them.Also it would be nice if we could set individual defaults for which one of them is selected by default. I guess for it being called my activity, it's best to have it showing activity, but all I know is I miss having it default to topics.Also, even with topics there, I still miss it being the 3.x way, where you can see all topics you've posted in and quickly get to your last read post in those, not just the ones you started. If "posts" was displayed a bit differently, that could be the same as the way I liked. Just needs a quick link to first unread.Edit: Oops, on that last part I see we can indeed use "Posts" that way. I didn't notice the topic title and star up there. So I guess I just wish posts could be default and possibly look a bit differently.
  13. Design Switching

    ​As far as I know the only way to get fonts very big in IE would be if I try to force all fonts to be the same size on all sites. It usually works better by simply using "largest" in the text size menu, but that's still small on here, when using 100%. Looks like probably 10 or 11 px.
  14. Design Switching

    ​Thanks, but the ... implies that is common knowledge. I can't know every setting and detail on my own yet. What I meant as far as it being a mess is that some features can't be used, easily. For instance if I look at my list of new messages and I click the icon by it to go to first unread message, the screen it takes me to does not show the message. That whole area where the message would normally be is gone and all it shows is a list of all conversations and so I have to click on the title a second time and then the whole screen will fill with the message instead of the convo list.I am not sure if that is a bug or just a design decision. Also, 125% for me is different than 125% for others because I have text size at largest and a lower resolution than most etc etc. Again, I know someone can't take only one person;s experience into account, but I just hope I get it sorted enough to where I can deal with it because fonts too small give me a huge headache and when it switches to mobile some important features seem to be missing or at leats harder to find.edit: hmm, honestly the skin itself is fine for me with 100% magnification. I mostly just wish I could have it look that way, but bigger fonts.  I could change them in the css, I guess, but then it would be affecting other visitors, who wouldn't want them big. But anyway so that would be my perfect ideal, is keep the current skin look, but have bigger fonts everywhere. I am guessing turning off responsiveness would then stretch some other areas in the skin, but hopefully it will be close enough. I am feeling better about he look today, so I am happy with most everything, just trying to get fonts bigger for me personally is all. 
  15. Design Switching

    This is getting really annoying how 125% magnification in IE makes the skin switch to the mobile skin and then I was in the private messaging area and couldn't even read messages or respond to anyone with 125%. Like I said in another topic, I'm thinking of just stopping developing or using ip.board because that's how much it bothers me trying to use it when my only choices are either have small fonts or not be able to use features. I know the majority don't have vision issues, but it should at least be useable when people have bigger font settings or lower resolution settings and whatnot. I have a vision problem and it gives me headaches looking at this small of fonts (the size needed to have it not mess the skin up).edit: now when I went into messenger, I was able to get toa  conversation and could have responded. Either way it's a big mess, though, and still should have the new mail icon and number at the top in that mobile skin anyway.