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  1. Tournaments

    It's still tough to tell. Like I mentioned, what has slowed me up was finishing custom work on it for someone else and I have to get straight what I am allowed to add into the main one vs. what he is using exclusively, etc etc, I hope everyone is using 4.1 when it comes out, though, because there's no point in me making it for 4.0. (there probably aren't many changes between 4.0 and 4.1 as far as coding apps, anyway, but at elats some differences).
  2. Tournaments

    yeah, correct. People who had bought it a long time ago may want to renew for the last version I add for 3.x since it will have some possibly important fixes, but generally people could skip renewing if they don't think the latest evrsions have enough of anything they care about. This still ahs not been updated for 4.x, though, which I plan to do very soon.
  3. Point Exchange

    Version 1.0.0


    This is currently not totally compatible beyond ip.board 3.4.7. If you upgrade to 3.4.8 it is going to add paragraph html tags to titles, descriptions, etc... On the public end you won't notice it, but they're there. Also, some formatting in this description was ruined by this site's upgrading to 4.x. This is an addon which allows you to sell points to your members, in exchange for money. It works with basically any point system involving members (so it has to be used with a field in one of the three tables IPS uses for member information). there is also a built in points field, in case you want to simply use the one from this app separately.   You must have Nexus installed for this to work. You can purchase and install this without Nexus, in case, for some reason, you want to install this one first, but this is all done via Nexus. When someone purchases points, it generates an invoice through Nexus and then, when the invoice is paid off, the points are transferred to their account.   There are two ways to purchase points. You can use only one or the other, both, or neither (turn the system off). [*]Custom - In the ACP, you enter how many points are received per dollar spent. A member then simply enters how many points he/she wants, and then the invoice is created for the amount they would cost, based on the rate from the ACP. [*]Package - Create, edit, and delete packages in the ACP. You enter the exact number of points and the exact cost for the package. This way you could give discounts for larger totals being purchased, for example. It, of course, uses the default currency of your Nexus install. Dollars is just the default wording.   Please note that the app does not allow undoing of the transactions, at this time. Someone can cancel an invoice, rather than pay it, but once the invoice is paid, it's final, under the current setup.   This will have many new features, over time. This app has a separate tab. In the future I may integreate it, specifically with Simple Points, where you could do the same functionality within the Simple Points tab. It works with that app, of course, now, but in this separate tab.  


  4. Betting

    A table? it's betting on matchups, pickem contests, bracket contests, etc...
  5. Tournaments

    Sorry, I always forget to check these comments. I usually just read the support topic.   I'll probably have a demo on a site soon, even if I just have the site using a default ip.board skin and no logo. If I were to wait until I can get some unique skin, it would be more months of people asking for a demo. Even when I make a demo, though, it will be mostly the public side and people would have to ask for particular tournaments to be made and I could also post screens of it. It would be too big of a headache letting a lot of people have ACP access.
  6. Tournaments

    One more point about demos... I have links to all other apps on live sites, but this one is not as simple to do because you create tournaments from the ACP and I am not going to give people ACP access. In a future version tournaments will be able to be created on the public side, which will make it more ideal for a demo then.
  7. Tournaments

      That is a warning about an ip.board bug, not a bug in my app. And it got fixed in ip.board a while back.   FTC, yes you just have to technically make a 1 member team though.
  8. Tournaments

    Look at how many featrues I added in such a short time after the first release and you'll know why I am busy. :p No matter how much I add, someone wants more. i can only do a certain amount of work because I am not a robot. :)
  9. Tournaments

    yes, it works for 3.3.
  10. Member Reviews

    It will be lowered at some point, but the main reason i wait about it is that some still buy it at regular price and I don't want to lower it right after that because they'll then complain about having recently purchased at full. So trying tow ait until a month or two goes by with no sales.
  11. Member Reviews

    Just a note on that last resposne... he has also claimed there are a ton of bugs in this. If anyone cares, read some of the posts in the support thread and you will see that all that has been found were 2 skin bugs and two count bugs. Then one of those two count bugs was basically not a true bug because it was somewhat intentional (working as intended). Now, if someone does not lie the look, that can indeed be their valid opinion, but the product is not enarly as buggy as has been implied. As far as it working.. it does work and I believe it's been out for a year or so and not until now did anyone notice these few bugs. I am always looking to fix any issue once I find it. As far as skinning, though, I did ask a skinner to help and he insisted he thought most of it looked ok. That's all I can really go by because I am certainly not the top skinner. :)
  12. Tournaments

    Version 1.4.1


    This is currently not totally compatible beyond ip.board 3.4.7. If you upgrade to 3.4.8 it is going to add paragraph html tags to titles, descriptions, etc... On the public end you won't notice it, but they're there. Also, some formatting in this description was ruined by this site's upgrading to 4.x. This application is designed for those who want to run tournaments on their site. It is not for the actual gaming itself to take palce through the app in any way, but rather for your members to create and join teams, sign up for tournaments, submit scores of the matches which take place somewhere else, and then the system keeps track of it all and declares the winning team once the tournament is completed.   Warning: For older versions, due to a bug in ip.board you may need to have your default skin be the normal default ip.board skin when installing this or it won't install the templates. Here are some of the many features: [*]Create categories. [*]Unlimited number of subcategories. [*]Create tournaments which fit into the categories. [*]A count of open tournaments in each category is kept. [*]Create teams (max teams per member is set in the ACP). [*]The team creator determines how many members should be on his or her team, approves or declines applications to the team, and can kick people off of the team. [*]Teams join tournaments which allow teams with their number of members. there are numerous settings on the tournament form to allow for various combinations of teams. [*]Tournaments are created in the ACP. The one who creates the tournament can invite teams to it on the public side. Anyone with access to this app in the ACP could edit the tournament. [*]brackets- single and double elimination brackets are one type of tournament. You can create a 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 or 128 team/member tournament at this point and add byes if you don't have the correct number of participants wanting to join. [*]ladders- manual move teams on a ladder absed on their performance orL base it automatically on wins, on a simple formula, on ELO ratings (more complicated and precise), etc... [*]round robin- each team plays each other team x number of times and the team with the best record wins that tournament. [*]Create an invite only tournament. [*]Use a standalone point system with the system. Then you can allow team leaders to charge points to join their team. Then those team points are kept separately and can be used to join tournaments which cost points to join. Points can also be obtained in various ways. For individual points with the standalone system you can gain more poitns by commenting. With the internal team points system you can gain some by winning matches or tournaments. [*]There are many many settings in the ACP. Especially on tournament forms. Be careful with them as there are so many which could interfere with a team's ability to put new memebrs on their teams while involved in a tournament. [*]Upload logos for categories, tournaments, and teams. [*]Both team and individual style tournaments. [*]1v1 Battle System [*]Leaderboards [*]Career Ranking System [*]Much more. Please Note: This is a first release and some things will improve over time. The bracket skinning will be improved, some things will behave differently, co-leader functionality will be added, ability for ties/draws, disputing methods, and more overall management of various areas. Also: Keep in mind this has not been tested in strict PHP/MySQL environments. At some point I will fix issues which could thus allow for it to run smooth in those various setups, but be aware that I am not speaking as to how well it would currently do in those environments.  


  13. Member Reviews

    I understand about the price, but it's loaded with so many features and took so long that I felt I would rather sell less copies than to charge too low on it. I also had people telling me it was worth that price (potentially). I will likely lower it at some point. :)
  14. Member Reviews

    Version 5.3.0


    This is currently not totally compatible beyond ip.board 3.4.7. If you upgrade to 3.4.8 it is going to add paragraph html tags to titles, descriptions, etc... On the public end you won't notice it, but they're there. Also, some formatting in this description was ruined by this site's upgrading to 4.x. If you are using ip.board 3.2.X then use reviews52000.zip. For zips more recent than that one you must use ip.board 3.3.X. This is a comprehensive review system for ip.board 3.2! If you wish to use it for 3.1, download an older version. This is only guaranteed with the MySql engine and not in strict mode. It may work mostly well in other confiugurations, but has not been tested much in those. NOTE: Most people rating this modification poorly have not used it at all as you can see by number of ratings compared with purchases. A basic version of this was made for me as a custom project several years ago. Since then I drastically changed the system. Since it was mainly for myself please go to the site listed as a demo and make sure the features are in line with what you want from this type of system. Also feel free to post in the topic on this site to suggest any changes in features or to let me know if you're interested in purchasing a much cheaper, basic version if I were to release one. This system has many features. I will try to go through most of them and add ones I forget at a later date. The system is heavily based on stats, sorting, and can be used with a points system. Features: [*]You set up categories and members in permitted groups can add reviews of products which belong in the category. You can also add products in the ACP as well as allow specified groups to enter a new product name when reviewing. [*]There is an internal point system where members are rewarded with points for many actions. You may also integrate it with an ip.board point system as long as its point field is in the members table. [*]Rate aspects of the product. then products may later be sorted by ratings of those aspects. This can also be done with "category ratings" where the member basically rates how well a product fits into certain categories. For those who don't need this feature a future version will hide this feature. [*]A BBCode in the editor only in the review section which allows you to break reviews up into pages. You do not highlight any text, but rather simply click the button as a marker to make it known you wish to switch to a new page. [*]There are many stats. Each product shows your own score, the average score from site members, and an "official score" which is a review by a member whose id is entered in the ACP as the official reviewer. In the future this feature may be tinkered with for those who do not want an official reviewer for their site. [*]Pages which show the top products, latest reviews, and a page for easy access to your forum friends' review system content,. [*]For each product members can submit links to sites which have the products currently on sale. [*]A request system where a member with permission can request that someone submit a review for a product they wish to see a review of. They can give some limits on who is allowed to fulfil the request and even pay them points to do so. [*]There is a section which allows members to submit questions about products which others can then answer. [*]Reviewers can be reviewed. Thus there will be a way of knowing which reviewers are most trusted. There is also a "bias score". The average score that reviewer has given products. This way you have an idea as to whether the reviewer normally rates high or low. Then if the current review is drastically different you will know it must be a special situation. [*]You can place an announcement at the top of the review system pages, only viewable by groups you wish to show it to. [*]Add products to a favorites list, owned list, or wish list. Each product then links to lists where you can see everyone who ahs that product on one of those lists. [*]There is a punishment system where you can deduct points from members or you can even ban them from specific parts of the system. [*]Tags. Use tags to let people easily find related products. [*]Comment ona product or a review. Just a basic system, not yet integrated with the normal ip.board commenting system. [*]A search system which will search products and even tags and categories. Not yet integrated with the ip.board search structure, however. [*]A LOT of sorting options where you can sort products by various aspects or compare them. [*]A view counter. Similar to the ip.board view counter you can have it update immediately or every x amount of time. there is one view counter for products and a different one for reviews themselves. [*]There is a PM system, but it has not been updated to the 3.X notification setup. it will be in the future. [*]In the future FURLS will be set up. This system will be improved over time. Especially the skinning and the overall code. Several people wanted this released now, so I am doing it for those who want it in its current state. I have personally used it live for years so I am comfortable with the system. Please report bugs as soon as possible as all programs do have bugs and I like to get them taken care of quickly! As I stated earlier, please feel free to let me know if you would like a cheaper version which is more basic. I thought a lot when pricing this and for many reasons I ended up on this price. Also note there is no renewal cost. The cost of this app may change over time in either direction depending on various factors. The persmissions are set in the system settigns area of the ACP rather than the global permissions setup. This is an old app and I didn't want to yet change that setup and risk bugs. Also please be aware that although you can give a link to a product photo and use in this system, you assume all responsibility in understanding the law on the matter. I believe in most cases you could only show photos if you took the photos yourself, but that is up to you to know that you are not violating any laws, copyrights, trademarks, etc... throughout use of this system.  


  15. Simple Points

    Version 2.4.2


    Note: For ip.board 3.2.x use simplepoints23300.zip. This is a points system I made. It's simple, where members receive points for posting. I also made another app in case you want to let people buy points with real money. That app costs and requires ip.nexus and is located here. Older versions may work for earlier board versions, but currently this is supproted for 3.4. Members can receive points by posting topics and replies. A topic creator can receive points when others respond to his/her created topic. If a topic gets x number of replies there can be yet another bonus. If you set a forum to give negative points then it takes away points when someone posts. You can even set it to NOT ALLOW posts if someone doesn't have enough points to cover that forum's cost (in negative points)! Warning: This app adds a field named points to the members table. If you already have that field from a previous point system, this will reset everyone's points. Also, you can choose to use your own field for this points system, but the field must be from the members table.   If you DO already have the column points in your members table, you need to delete the following line from admin/applications_addon/other/points/setup/versions/install/sql/points_mysql_tables.php before you even upload and install this app: $TABLE[] = "ALTER TABLE members ADD points INT(10) NOT NULL DEFAULT 0";