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  1. Posting Permissions

    1.  Are we still able to set a limit on how many topics a member in a usergroup posts within a 24 hour period and differing flood control settings for usergroups in version 4+? 2.  Are we able to set if members use BB code vs HTML code per usergroup setting?
  2. Duplicate Forum Settings

    he's basically got the script down, it works for me, but probably needs to see a tutorial on how to make it readable/usable in AdminCP. I can mass delete and just enter name of forums/sub cats, etc. and just duplicate settings & permissions that I set as default. Is there some sort of tutorial for making something readable/usable inside AdminCP?
  3. Duplicate Forum Settings

    Just added the poll... please go back and vote.. thanks
  4. Classifieds

    GREAT APP!!!
  5. Duplicate Forum Settings

    I need this and apparently I've heard that others have been asking for this for years, where someone can duplicate forums and settings/permissions within them. The most time consuming portion of setting up a board is setting the permissions/settings areas. Since I have MANY Categories / Forums that will be similar to each other with the only difference being a location or a field, it may take way too much time just to set these things up, especially when I think the majority of forums in anyone's board will have the same settings/permissions with just a few that may be different. But, I've been asking my son to help me with all my needs that I think should come with the software. He's working on some of this now and getting some results already and he's not even that familiar with IPB, so I'm not sure IBP just won't do it. That discussion can be found here: http://community.inv...forum-settings/ I wish there was an easier way to duplicate Categories & Forums as well as their settings when needed as a part of our purchase. IPB is GREAT, don't get me wrong, but if so many people are asking for it and my son, who is not familiar with IPB can get some results in no time, it makes me wonder if some things like this just get placed on ignore. JUST ADDED POLL
  6. Forum Cloning

    There is a copy permissions option. Set up all the forums in the category (always clicking "next" on the permissions without clicking all of them). Once you set up all the forums in the category, click to edit the permissions in the first forum in that category. There will be a thin green bar at the top to copy permissions you set for another forum. Select the one you already set up permissions for and click "GO". It fills it all in for you, then save and next and it will automatically send you to the next forum to do the same thing until all are done within that category. It took me a little bit to find that option on my own, but finally did it . lol. And I do like the idea of cloning the categories
  7. Topic Template System

    Great Mod, Great Modder, Very Responsive.
  8. Easy Pages

    This modder actually communicates with you. Very helpful, patient, and understanding. Very satisfied. Recommended.
  9. Plus 40 Hosting Package

    On the Professional Plan (like $300+/mo) it says it includes Single sign-on Integration. Is that the Facebook Connect (sign in using Facebook log-in)? This doesn't show up on the Plus 40 Hosting, but I was told that I could use all the FB/Social Media Share/Like Icons on each page and the Facebook Sign-in Option. Is the "Single sign-on Integration" a different feature than what I'm thinking or is the Plus 40 not offering the Facebook Connect Sign-on option?
  10. Duplicate Suggestion

    Sometimes, it would be very convenient for the Admin to DUPLICATE the string of Categories & Sub-Categories they create so they can just make simple edits vs doing all the work over again with just 1 difference or something. For example, if you were going to have all the same Categories and Sub-Categories for each year/location/genre/etc it would be nice to have a Duplicate Option available so the admin can just change the year/location/genre/etc. Is there a mod for this or is this something that can possibly be included in an update?
  11. Legal Concern Regarding IPS Add-ons (Need Advice)

    I'm not a lawyer, but my current understanding is that places like forums, social networks (like Facebook, craigslist, youtube, etc.) is not responsible for what their members post. Just as long as the site is not setting up some sort of category like "Share Illegal Links Here" or something like that, couldn't you make a case that it's discriminating that they don't touch networks that allow posting of links to members (such as the sites listed above)? YouTube is filled with ppl sharing copywrited music/video/etc. Your ToS may also be a protection for you, as well as banning those that others give 'reputation' to or what-naught? Could it be possible that those sites that are being seized were contributing by encouraging others to act illegally by basing their site on it? I don't know, those are just my thoughts. I read that article you posted, things do seem to be getting a bit out of balance. But the way it is now, with some domain name providers, i've read stories where they sometimes suspend a domain name just on RUMORS or accusations of content sharing etc with a suspend first, look into it later attitude. Spooky, agreed. But they haven't shut down YouTube, Craigslist, Facebook, etc. based on what members post/link, so....
  12. 1. I guess it's my understanding that there's a brand new version of IPB, the Invision Power Hosted Community Plan comes with the latest version? That includes the Facebook Connect & Page Likes with all the other Social Media on each page with the Invision Hosted Plan? 2. Also, what mods/skins in the marketplace are NOT compatible mods for the Invision Hosted Community Plan? Is there some sort of keyword I should be looking for in the Mod Description Page that will tip me off that it would require messing with the Software Source Code? Thanks.
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