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  1. Metro

    [quote name='Bitter' timestamp='1333747304'] That is correct. Paid skins are not available to use on my company's forums due to security reasons, unfortunately, but there are a ton of screenshots on the product page, and if you need to see any other view of the skin, I'll gladly take more screenshots! Although there are risks for putting up live boards, I'm sure you lose a lot of sales (like mine) due to not showing a live demo. I like to see exactly what I'm getting, before I get it.
  2. Couldn't agree more. The new IP.Content is a lot more user friendly, and we have seen a ton of great features turn up in IP.Board 3.3.0. It's almost to the point where I can't suggest anything more. Can't wait to see what the rest of the IPS applications have to offer, if anything.
  3. Cool Idea for Upgrading...

    So many problems would be solved if people knew how to read directions...
  4. Cool Idea for Upgrading...

    Then they could add a separate file clearly marking the fact that it is only for upgrading?
  5. Cool Idea for Upgrading...

    Well, a lot of us customers already have boards, and want to be able to just simply upload the new files for things such as Beta 1 to Beta 2. It seems pointless to reupload every single file, when it really isn't neccesary. I was thinking that there could be two folders in the download, one for first time installing, and one for upgrading so those of us who already have a board and just want to upgrade. The first time upload folder would have everything, and the Upgrade folder would just have the specific files that were updated. It would make upgrading a lot faster, and take out the hassle of replacing every file and waiting for that to be done. Post your thoughts on this, as I would think many would agree with me.
  6. A few questions

    I think you mean memberbase. But yes it should be fast, if it's small. IP.Board is a lot better than SMF in my opinion, and probably everyone elses as well. I would suggest getting a Community Hosted site so that it is set up for you, and you get a license just for paying hosting. There are a few limitations of that, but if you are starting out you will be very pleased. IPS also offers full free support with a license, which you would be getting with your hosted community.
  7. Restrict Admins by IP Address?

    You can use something like this: <?php $allow = array("", ""); if(!in_array($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'], $allow) && !in_array($_SERVER["HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR"], $allow)) { header("Location:"); exit(); } ?> Replacing the local host IP addresses with your admin's IP Addresses and with the page you would like unauthorized people to see. To add more IP Addresses, just follow the pattern already made. This is not recommended if your admins have multiple IP addresses or their IP changes very often. Although you can add IP addresses as you wish. To use the code, open your index.php file located in your /admin folder and place the code above ALL code.
  8. Few Questions About IPS Hosting

    One of the biggest concerns of mine is to be able to have a test board (or two) for myself to test on upgrading, skinning, etc.
  9. Few Questions About IPS Hosting

    Yeah I have Nexus, IP Chat (20 User) and a standard license at the moment, so I think I'll just stick with that. I was hoping that you would be able to do a little more than that with a Community hosted site, but then again it is supposed to be for your IP.Board site. Thanks for answering :)
  10. Well I'm thinking about switching to IPS hosting, so I can pay all at once. My current hosting is Hostgator Level 5 VPS, which is $104 a month, which just includes hosting and obviously a lot more abilities with the server. But since I do use IP.Board, and I just think it would be much simpler to go with IPS hosting, I wanted to clarify a few things before I make my decision. 1. What are the benefits (aside from a license and applications) of being hosted on an IPS hosting package rather than Hostgator? Here is my current plan: What my plan would be: 2. Does the hosting include cPanel? 3. Is the license completely mine to use and do I have full access to all the applications and downloads to them? The package says all applications and a license are included. But what I am wondering is would I have full access to all of these application downloads to say, put a test board up and install all my apps, or would I have to contact support? 4. Will I have full FTP access to upload and store things as I please? 5. What are the limitations (if any) of having a Hosted Community? Thanks for reading, and if you can answer these questions (preferably staff) I would really appreciate it!
  11. I sent you the domain info for

  12. A few questions before i buy IPB forums

    1. They will not convert forums as far as I know. 2. You can buy IP.Blog and that will give you /index.php?/blogs and you can edit that so it is just /blogs. 3. 1 license is good for one main site, and one test site using TESTINSTALL after the license key.
  13. Hey you need to check the permissions on IPBFS, I get a 403 forbidden.