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  1. Invision Power Board Demo

    I'm going to that website and it's working for me.
  2. loading slow?

    Same here, and every time it happens I hope it's because they're upgrading the forums to 4.0 :P
  3. [rct] World Clocks

    Developer is a pleasure to work with, and got this mod done quickly after the requests on the forums.  (Even after a few changes were requested)   If you're ever looking for work to be done don't hesitate to contact rct2 here on the IPB Forums! 
  4. 4.0 - Moderation Part 5: Warnings

    This is awesome.  Getting excited for 4.0 with every new blog post!     I love the "have to acknowledge" before they can post again as well.   That will come in handy!     Keep up the great work!
  5. IPB "Search" Function

    Probably because the most searched thing on Google is installing IP. Nexus. You're going to get the most recent topics/posts/etc. . related to IP. Nexus on these forums, so I wouldn't say it's anything to be upset about as they are 2 different search engines so of course you'll get different results.
  6. When is IPB 4.0 ?

    I find it interesting that people are getting so upset about this and talking about going to a different forum software. Honestly if you want to go to another forum software that doesn't have a major upgrade in the near future, lacks many of the features that IPB has as well as being stuck with less than what you currently have here with 3.4.6, then have fun. . . nobody is stopping you! It's a lose lose situation for IPB and they aren't going to make everyone happy. And it's not really that hard to get a customer back when you have a superior product. In this day and age people want what they want when they want it. . . and they want it NOW. There's no more patience or waiting for anything anymore; we're all used to getting real time updates on everything and it goes to show here. I understand some people want to release certain things or start a new project. But what are you going to get out of going to another forum software vs just using 3.4.6 at this point in time? Have the people here treated you so bad that you can't use 3.4.6, or you can't wait until 4.0. I agree with people that I'd love to see more about 4.0 and I'd love for it to have been released a few weeks ago. But unfortunately that's not the case here, and there is truly no reason to get pissed off at them for not doing something that you'd like to see. Give your input because I'm certain they are taking that into consideration even when they aren't saying they are, and have some patience as well.
  7. When is IPB 4.0 ?

    I don't think they'll be posting a blog for everything that has changed from 3.x to 4.0. And I feel like they are showing larger portions of the software with some of the more recent blogs. So with that I'd say it's probably sooner than we'd like to think.
  8. The Pink Message in the Admin CP

    No, because then he'd miss all the other updates and then blame you for any issues he'd come across that relate to seeing that message.
  9. The Pink Message in the Admin CP

    Neil2 maybe you didn't read what was already stated but I quoted it below for you. They answered your question and they aren't going to do anything for 3.x But that wasn't good enough because even when they said nothing WILL be done, you still asked them to do something anyways. I personally think this and any other topic like it should be locked because it's just beating a dead horse over and over again.
  10. 4.0 - Staff Directory

    I have the same questions an terabyte/TSP     I would like to see some automation, especially as if there is none the first time of getting it set up will be a pain.    Then just having to remember to add everyone after that.       I like the start of it though and hope to be able to use this during 4.0
  11. When is IPB 4.0 ?

    Nothing around here is stale, you just want what you want when you want it. They haven't left us in the dark as they've posted updates for us. Leaving us in the dark would mean there would have been no updates and no communication from the staff at all.
  12. I feel it's the entitlement society that seems to be coming out of the woodwork. I know some people might find that comment offensive but seriously. . it's a NEW SERVICE that is more directed at LARGE ENTERPRISES. So to the people who are complaining, are the folks at IPS not allowed to advertise products for large enterprises and they have to keep all of that stuff hidden? As multiple people have said your current spam service isn't changing. So why complain? You're more than welcome to purchase the new service they are offering, but if you don't want to pay for the service then don't purchase it. They aren't forcing you to buy it and nothing has changed for you. I'm not certain what there is to complain about here. Also if I'm not mistaken it did say "Enterprise Spam Mitigation" in the title. . sooooo if you're not in that bracket of things, why even go read it if you're just going to complain? Maybe I should start going around to a bunch of websites that offer "Enterprise Services" and say 'it's too expensive' or that 'I bet that the enterprise type customers aren't their normal user base' since I'd like to use it but it's out of my price range.
  13. SSL option for Chat essential

    Can you people not read?! It's not currently available at this time and will be looked at down the road. *cough*most likely sometime in 4.0*cough* They've given stats as to why it's not supported as it's a free service. They even said there is other options for folks. Yes it's not always what you want to do, BUT if you want SSL that bad then you have to give a little to get a little. While I would love to see more updates to IP.Chat especially so I can get rid of the dang 3rd party chat bar on the bottom of my website, it's clearly not at the front of the priorities to push something like SSL. And I'm certain they could probably provide more statistics along the lines of the majority of their customers aren't effected by this requirement that you all seem to be threatening them with. And who knows, maybe they're being sneaky and will have 4.0 within a week and then say that chat has had a major overhaul and SSL was included in that overhaul. But until then there's a few things that you can do: Stop using IP.Chat until SSL is released Use a 3rd Party Chat Solution for the time being until SSL is released for IP.Chat. And wasn't there a discussion similar to this how people said that IPB HAD to add some sort of pop-up about cookies, etc, etc. . ?
  14. IPB vs. vBulletin 5

    Personally I find the ease of use with IPB to be light years ahead of vB. I joined another website recently and they were using vB. Tried doing some stuff for them with it and it's just clunky and still broken at that. A big issue that's been happening there is a double post issue. And to prevent the double posts you have to have a mod installed. It's not like it's double posts that happen when people click 'post' twice or stuff along those lines, it's just because it's broken. Also installing themes there has been a pain compared to here. As others say though, it's preference. And while yes there are a lot of mods over there I think the tides will be changing especially because of vB 5. There's only so long that people will want to stay on an old and outdated piece of software especially with technology changing all the time.
  15. Hosting anything?

    I think this is an easy enough question, all the hosts that I've used don't allow that stuff and I'm certain IPS will be one of those as well even though I haven't looked at their TOS for hosting.