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  1. Mobile skin needs some improvement

    i just had to add "my content" and a pagination enhancement on the mobile skin, this really reminds me of WML sites, come on, the mobile site really looks old (and more limited than it should)
  2. MailCheck js

    Version 0.1.1


    This hook is a quick adaptation of the "Mail Check" code of KickSend.   The source of the Javascript is available at:   Basically this code checks the user's mail and tries to find a typo... the final idea is to have the mail bounce rate reduced Reference:  Example: When your user types in "user@hotmial.con", Mailcheck will suggest "".   NOTE: this was made on >3.4.1, but it might work on previous versions    


  3. IPB, BBCode, and concerns about it's future

    i what ipb has to say
  4. IPB, BBCode, and concerns about it's future

    i cant quote you Wolfie : About: its not a minor headache when one of the basic tools which composes the idea of a forum acts weird (weird because its not fully broken...) What if the whole way of composing mail messages changes in you client of choice and if you try to use the traditional way It would involve in you looking in mail headers and stuff like that after every few lines you type? Right after i posted in this thread i got a post from a member complaing just about the same stuff as almost everyone here, and its not the first time, most of us can fix this perks while posting, but not all forum sers know BBcode/HTML and that kind of stuff for working arround editor weirdness
  5. IPB, BBCode, and concerns about it's future

    Im not sure where the problem with the editor lies, i came to this tread while i was looking for a section to put my rant about the editor, i was translating a long post from a vb forum and also copy/paste some areas from the begining i had issues with a simple numbered list...i was NO able to do something as simple as a numbered list with empty lines betwheen the list items, i had to switch back and forth between WYSIWYG and source mode and append carriage returns in various places just to add a some lines between text and images, the indent function and maybe some others like to style the text as they want...yes another pain in the a** I wanted to also add something as simple as: ITEM sub item but in my case is just moved all the lines, not just the selected ones...again to add/move code by hand... At this point i really dont know what the problem is, i know the editor is a complex thing, but every time i want to use more than color/b/i/u/size options i end up toucing the post "source code" a few times, and i rather would like to use that time to make a post, if i wanted to do this stuff i would use a wiki not a forum with a RTE At this stage im calling the editor WYSI(Not)WYG Really people, in theory the idea about BBCODE sounded great but dont leave it behind, its a really important thing in forums since long time and compatibility with it should be MUCH bether. if it werent because of content and nexus i would switch back to vb Now i see Marcher's post...why not an option somewhere called "Old school working mode" where it works in BBC only mode ?
  6. IP.Downloads payment options

    thanks, and then how the money is distributed between file owners?
  7. IP.Downloads payment options

    Hello, on "Paid Downloads" what payment gateways are supported, is the payment made over nexus and any of the supported gateways or what?
  8. Google Spider Permissions

    yes, you can give it login information on webmaster tools IIRC
  9. Mobile Apps Status

    its really disappointing to see a working iOS app and after a long wait on an android app just post this, its a waiste of time for us and you as a company too, i feel very diappointed with this decision and the time it took you to say something other than "its coming"
  10. i made a dirty hack in case someone needs it:
  11. wait, wait i have globally disable archiving and unarchieve ALL threads!!!???
  12. oh fu** just came here lloking for a solution and found out this...
  13. i will have i will adhere with this :)
  14. Large PHPBB 3 forum to IP BOARD 3

    AFAIK there is not know 3.4 release date there are rewrite rules to redirect old to new URLs, you should not suffer from seo problems, and google should get the new URLs in a few weeks....