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  1. Time used on upgrading

    Ah, the old system let anyone opt-in. I have a large community, but shy of 150k members (we're more post heavy). I would appreciate still being able to run the queries manually.
  2. Time used on upgrading

    Previous upgraders did, but I've never seen the option when testing upgrades from v3 to v4.
  3. Time used on upgrading

    ​Are there any plans to add a CLI? Or at least the previous option for large communities that listed the queries to run?
  4. /forums/forum

    ​This site has the forums set as the default app. That's the difference.
  5. /forums/forum

    This is related to which app you have set as the default. The issue doesn't appear on this community because forums is the default app, so the forum URLs are and If you set any other app as the default, then the forum URLs are prefixed by /forums/, and you end up with and This is a change from v3. My community is set to have IPC as the homepage, but the forum urls remain and To me, this makes more sense than the redundant /forums/forum/ structure. v4 does have a nice interface to manually edit how your URLs appear, but it's also accompanied by a warning. So, if I change the URLs to /forum/xxx-name, the software is unable to 301 the /forums/forum/xxx-name URLs? Well, that would really devastate my community's indexing. Okay, I can write an nginx rewrite (or .htaccess if that's your flavor), but this is way above an average user's ability just to restore v3 behavior. If I upgrade my community, will the old /forum/xx-name URLs be properly forwarded to /forums/forum-xxx-name? I can't test the upgrade until the next beta (all the bugs I've encountered have been fixed), but based on my clean install /forum/xxx-name URLs get 303 forwarded to /forums/forum/xxx-name... which I had to look up (303- See Other) and seems less preferable to a 301.   Off topic, but I just noticed: is there really no way to preview your post's output before posting it? Is that a gear icon to insert a quote?
  6. Big Board Subforum for admins of large sites

    What qualifies as a big board? How many posts? How many members? How much daily activity? If there's going to be a closed forum, there should at least be publicly known standards to qualify for admittance.
  7. Is IPB compatible with php5.4?

    Nope, sorry.
  8. Is IPB compatible with php5.4?

    Actually, Ioncube recently released loaders for 5.4. I just upgraded my community to 5.4 with Nexus (Ioncube encoded) and haven't had any problems yet.
  9. More than 100 queries for a thread ?!

    On my live board running IPB 3.2.3 with the Similar Topics hook, a thread with 1036 replies took .1455s to execute with 15 queries. A thread with 14,082 replies took .1236s to execute with 14 queries. Those numbers seem reversed based on the size of the threads, and obviously can and will vary, but they are pretty average for me.
  10. Spyware and Malware

    It looks like FortiGuard didn't have a problem with IP, but the CDN this forum uses. I'd guess another user of that CDN was flagged for spy/malware, and FortiGuard blocked the entire CDN.
  11. using the domain

    I won't claim to be a legal authority, but as long as the people you're hosting have their own licenses, you're fine. Software-specific hosting exists, and I've never heard of there being an issue like this. Also, you won't be able to advertise on this website, because they stifle redirect discussion about competitors. Otherwise, it seems like a pretty cool idea.
  12. Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

    On the GM release, I've had Firefox 5 crash frequently, even with no plugins installed and in safe mode. There are a couple of bug reports filed for the most frequent crashed I've experienced, and since using the Aurora release channel (7.0a2) I haven't had any issues.
  13. Client Area File Downloads...

    +1 I obviously don't know how the distribution system is setup, but it seems like a trivial change that would save a lot of wasted time as Mac users end up replicating the same mundane renaming process.
  14. First, you have to install IP.Board. Second, upload the converter files into your IPB installation. Third, log in to the IPB admin panel, navigate to "Manage Applications & Modules", and install the converter. Fourth, under "My Apps" find "IPS Converters". After that, the converter provides pretty good instructions. You will need the hostname/username/password/database for vB. And of course, if you have any questions you can post here or send me a PM. I just converted from vB3.
  15. vB 3.8 Conversion

    By configure I mean settings like everything under the System tab in System Settings, or certain apps. Basically any setting that won't be transfered from vB. I know installing and immediately converting will work, and that's certainly what I will do if configure then convert won't work. I just want to minimize downtime.