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  1. Well if it doesn't happen soon sadly I am going to have to say goodbye to IPB and move over to VB. I really need this functionality. IPB was supposed to be more robust then VB but honestly the amount of stuff you can do out the box in VB compared to here... VB has it hands down.
  2. [IPBLounge] Applications System

    @Gnet yes it is working for 3.3.4 however it is not working for 3.4.0.
  3. I too am looking for something like this for my gaming community, we have over 9 different divisions(games) we play and would like to have the main domain and then sub-domains to each game like and when people go to gw2 sub-domain it has its own GW2 theme and has its own forums. However I want things like News and Announcement forums connected between the two. Then the GW2 members will have their own private forums on the sub-domain. If that were possible it would be amazing.