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  1. (DP33) Customize Posts

    Posts still not showing on mobile skin even if disabled in the settings. Also why is this hack changing quote posts' colors?
  2. White List vs. Black List

    Atleast your white list and black list works lol Mine doesnt snd i even made a support topic - nothing
  3. My suggestions for 3.2.0

    Another suggestion Allow avatars to be bigger then 200pixels wide. if an avatar is bigger then 200pixels now, it will just sit on top of hte post and wont flow correctly Also. agree 100% with the comment with reputation
  4. My suggestions for 3.2.0

    i agree 100% with the reputation one, and to add to it. i think it should send you a notification also when u get repped. and then the notification takes u to the list of ur rep u receieved, when, where, and the comments
  5. Conversion from vBulletin 3.8

    Ok I see so the pips go with post count and not rep power like vBulletin. Interesting differences. I can put like level 1, 3 pips of same image then level 2 lets say 3 pips of another image?
  6. Conversion from vBulletin 3.8

    Thanks for the replies guys, very helpful. So this pips system if I get it right, there's a different picture for each reputation level? Like I see on this page there's bullet_black.png and customerpips.gif. It seems a bit different from vB which has like 2 types of icons you can change and to reach full rep level there are 11 icons (5 of a given pic and 6 of another pic). Oh also where it says "IPB Newbie" those go with rep number like in vB right?
  7. Well I'm planning to move from vB to IPBoard and I have a few features from vB that I would like to have on IPBoard. I'd like to know if any of these features are possible on IPBoard and how to achieve them (hack or built in). I'm new to IPB and some suggestions and advice would help a lot. Thanks [*]Reputation - way to notify member of who repped you & where. [*]Avatar size - when too big (250x250), sits on top of post. Fix? (noticed this on test installation) [*]User Ranks - Possible? How big a logo can be? [*]Paid Subscriptions - Once user pays he's upgraded to higher usergroup for given amount of time? [*]Can you have someone access to admin control panel without them being an "admin"? basically an additional user-group with banning abilities. [*]Reputation symbols ("pips") size? logos? how many? (vB has 2 rep logos) [*]Can only admins change names? or limit it to VIP usergroups lets say and higher? [*]Customize +/- (rep) logo? [*]Edit comments on profile? [*]Social groups? - if yes, notifications when someone posts in there [*]Can u set a "trigger" so if someone logs on one account, and then logs onto another account. notify an admin or something. [*]any kind of 'mention' hack available? (Similar to twitter's @) [*]shoutbox? [*]Advertising - How are ads managed or do you just edit template files? [*]Hide/Thanks Hack - User needs to reply or press thank you button to view hidden content of a post [*]Video hack - Automatically embeds links in a post from youtube, myspace, dailymotion, etc. [*]Does IPB have official hacking site like vb.org?