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  1. Classifieds

    I have learned that work has begun on updating Sales Portal Pro for 4.1.x Following... For my site it is very important to have a well working classifieds section..
  2. Complete Danish language pack 4

    Version (beta 7)


    This is the complete Danish language pack for IPS 4.0 and newer (Currently translated up to Note: The project is NOT FINISHED and still in translation, however more than 80% is now translated. Most of which is missing is the 'Commerce' app which I am working on now. New updates will be uploaded on a regular basis until fully translated. The translation is at a stage where it can be used, as most of the public side is translated. See demo at my own site; Everything, including ACP will be translated. If you want translation for IPB 3.4x please see my other translation, which is still supported.  Please note: As this translation is completely from scratch, update from version 3.4x is not possible. License valid for non-commercial use, if you want to use the translation on a commercial site, please contact me.


  3. IPS UTF-8 Database Converter

    Anyone have a suggestion for me how to get my problem solved ? - website down almost 20 hours now :-(
  4. IPS UTF-8 Database Converter

    My host upgraded to SQL 5.5, afterwards I was getting SQL driver errors about mixed charsets although everything was set to UTF-8.   Ran the converter, now when i start the web converter i'm getting: Error: Division by zero File: /modules/browser/browser.php Line: 117
  5. Danish public language pack

    We sorted out Steph's problem, the file was too large for his server timeout settings. Divided it into smaller parts and it worked.
  6. Danish public language pack

      Jeg forstår ikke hvad du mener med dette? Der er ingen begrænsninger så vidt jeg ved, så hvis du er stødt på noget vil jeg gerne have en forklaring på problemet. :-)
  7. Hi Ajouz, interested in doing a custom skin? Pls contact me.

  8. Suggestion: Custom Filter

    If you enter a date into the custom filter, IP.Content always sorts this as FROM date It would be nice to have the option to choose BETWEEN and/or BEFORE for the date filter (and i suppose also usable for other data fields) In my example I had a list of upcoming events, and wanted to show the ones that had just passed (-2 days from today) and those that were upcoming (+7 days from today). Not possible now...
  9. IP.Content 2.3 Dev Update: Navigation Bar

    Any expected release date? I was planning rearranging the menus on my site but now I better wait...
  10. Integration with mailchimp would be anice and clean solution, and they already have a good API. Opt-ins and opt-outs, Board stats etc. would be nice
  11. Danish public language pack

    Version 3.4.6


    Dansk public sprogpakke til IP.Board 3.4.6 Inkluderer følgende oversættelser; - Forums 3.4.6 - Content 2.3.6 - Calendar 3.3.4 - Chat 1.4.4 - Gallery 5.05 - Blog 2.6.3 - Nexus 1.5.9 - Classifieds 1.2.1 - Member map 1.0.9 - Links directory 4.1.1 - Donation Tracker 3.1 - Log in as member 2.1.2   - (Collections System 1.3.1) Filerne er 100% oversat. Oversættelsen kan bruges til ovenstående program versioner, og i de fleste tilfælde også ældre versioner. Filerne vil blive vedligeholdt med nye versioner af ovenstående produkter, ligesom de løbende opdateres med optimeringer. Der er tale om oversættelse af alle public filer, admin delen er ikke oversat. BEMÆRK: Prisen giver licens til at installere sprogpakken på ét privat / non-profit forum, og gælder ikke kommercielt / erhvervsbrug. For erhvervsmæssig licens kontakt mig venligst direkte. Gratis opgraderinger gælder alle version 3.x af IP Board. ----Dansk installation:Udpak ZIP filen med f.eks. WinRar og gem indholdet (language xml.gz) på din computerGå til dit Admin kontrolpanel > "Look / Feel" fanebladet og klik 'Manage Languages'.Brug funktionen 'Upload language pack from your computer' til at brows efter filen "language xml.gz" og klik import.At importere sprogpakker kan være ressourcekrævende, sepcialt med større pakker, hav derfor tålmodighed og vent et øjeblik til importen er fuldført. ----English: Danish public language pack for IP.Board 3.4.4 Includes the following translations; - Forums 3.4.6 - Content 2.3.6 - Calendar 3.3.4 - Chat 1.4.4 - Gallery 5.05 - Blog 2.6.3 - Nexus 1.5.9 - Classifieds 1.2.1 - Member map 1.0.9 - Links directory 4.1.1 - Donation Tracker 3.1 - Log in as member 2.1.2   - (Collections System 1.3)   Files are 100% translated. The translation can be used for the above program versions, and in most cases even older versions. Files will be translated up to date as new IP versions arrive for the mentioned products, as well as updated with optimizations. Translation is for public files, admin part remains in english. ATTENTION: The license gives you the right to install this language pack on one private / non-profit forum, and does not include the right to use it on a commercial site. If you wish to use this (or part of this) language pack on a commercial site, please contact me directly. Free updates are for all version 3.x of IP Board. ----English install:Unpack the ZIP file with a program like WinRar and save its contents (language xml.gz) on your computerVisit your Admin Control Panel > "Look / Feel" tab and click Manage Languages.Using the 'Upload language pack from your computer' section, browse for the supplied "language xml.gz" and click Import.Importing language packs can be slightly resource intensive, especially with larger packs. Please be patient as it make take a short time to complete the operation. -----


  12. Classifieds
  13. Linkedin Connect

    +1 for this feature, i could really use this as well.....asap ;-)
  14. IPB as company extranet?

    Hi, Ï already own a IPB installation on which I run a golf community ( Now I'm considering if I could use IPB for our company extranet - I work in a hotel chain with 100+ individually owned hotels, and we really could improve on our internal communication - get rid of all the e-mails that get lost or never arrive to the right persons because someone in the recieving end deletes the mail. Im thinking that individial forums could be made for the different kinds of staff on the hotels, and control it bu user group settings. Important info could be posted on these forums, e-mail notifications be sent, and so the info would always be 'archived' and ready for reading.. Now to my questions; - In this extranet I would also need to save a large amount of documents - Word, PDF, Excel and so on. Is there any functionality built-in in IPB that would be suitable for this, or is there any downloadable extensions? - I would also like to use IPB as image gallery. I know IPB Gallery handles standard web images very well, but how about logo files such as .eps ?? - All Access to the site should be ONLY for registered users. Is it possible to lock down IPB enough to secure that the information on the site is, well, secure... ? :-) Thanks in advance, Claus
  15. Classifieds

    With the new version this app is absolutely fantastic :-)