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  1. Broken links and images

    Question of curiosity.... why is the News & Information forum littered with posts that have broken links and broken images? Nearly everything you click on regarding Version 4.0 has issues. The dev site is dead, all the attached images are broken in the posts, etc. What gives? Seems a little unprofessional? 
  2. IPB vs Facebook

    Amen! The forum developers left us in the dark. I jumped ship from UBB, then VB, and now I am with IPB and planning to ditch it too. These companies just don't get it apparently. It's all about user experience and all they want to do is take us backwards. It's sad! :(
  3. IPB vs Facebook

    I've been saying it for years... the software needs to be easier to use - NOT more complex. People love Facebook because its simple. Forums are NOT. We ditched Vbulletin for this reason and now IPB is doing it too. We're going in the wrong direction and it will only get worse if IPB doesn't listen to us.
  4. New 3.4 quote..

    I've got members reporting that quotes dont show up for them now. Just one big continuous post apparently. Why fix stuff that doesn't need fixing when there are a million other things to worry about? I swear.... 14 years and i've gone from UBB > VB > IPS and I feel I need to be looking again. FOCUS..... for pete's sake. :(
  5. Clearing cache did it. I am in safari on a mac. Thanks!
  6. PS Cant create a new ticket either. Same error.
  7. I cannot reply to ticket 828175 or 828079 for some reason. Your system just keeps saying I did not enter a message. So I am replying here. Per ticket 828175 and also ticket 828079 I acknowledge your standard disclaimer and would like and both upgraded to the latest version of everything. Thank you
  8. For the record.... If you choose to show the topic list as "teasers" and for SEO purposes, your custom forum message does NOT show up when users click on the topic titles. Just the ugly default error that would run anyone off. I don't recommend trying this until IPS gives us a real option.
  9. Is there anything keeping this from working in 3.2.2? We are setting custom error messages per forum, but only get the default: "[#10340] You do not have permission to view this topic."Any thoughts?
  10. Development Update: IP.Board 3.2.3

    Point updates make me sick... I am done with them. I have faced so many problems. How about a little QC?!
  11. No Pre-Installed Avatars?

    LOL! I need to change my approach. Can I do a username change too? :D
  12. Then they should show it! How do I know what a person is made of if they hide behind a fake name and photo? I just get nothing out of communicating with anonymous people. To each their own!
  13. No Pre-Installed Avatars?

    Have forums not progressed some? Are you running a chat room, or an online community? I think avatars are for children... users of gaming sites, MAYBE. The average community is built for adults though, and much like a social network, it is accessed by humans. Many of which are not afraid of showing their face when they post the thoughts that come to their mind. I have no interest in any member who doesn't possess the most basic of online skills... uploading their own photo to a website.....
  14. I think the new homepage looks mighty fine. If only we could make OUR IP.Content pages look that good, and that easily. *HINT* *HINT* :D