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  1. [DR] IP.Content Live Streams

    This app is a MUST HAVE for any "gaming" demographic following. It is well made and attractive for the modern users. The DIM feature is absolutely outstanding. This is easily one of the "best value" apps in the marketplace. The developer goes above and beyond with support and ensures his clients are happy and taken care of. Don't hesitate folks, you WON'T be disappointed. 
  2. ProMenu Plus

    THE best 3rd party application in the marketplace. This is WELL worth the price, and no one can compete with the support from the developers. This app is brought to you by classy and professional guys that never make the "average user" feel dumb.
  3. Suggestion: Bring Back Site Feature

    Thanks for the suggestion. I did in fact try that 3rd party hook, but wasn't able to get it to work on anything other than IP.Board Default skin. I could not get any support via hook author or skin author. They were sending me back and forth, "Oh, talk to the skin dev", "No, talk to the hook dev" hahahaha. So, figured if it was a default feature "again" that it would work on any skin.
  4. I do not believe I have seen this feature since the 2 series. On the Board Index, the moderators of the forums were displayed above/under the forum title. It said something like, "Forum Led By: 'usergroup' or 'name'" And the group or member name was displayed in the correct format. This would be a great feature to bring back. It is missed.
  5. www.invisionpower.com down?

    It's up, it's down..etc...I'm just going to wait to upgrade..I keep getting timed out. lol
  6. Display Name on Registration Screen

    Thanks. I have been requesting this ever since it was taken out...(A long time)
  7. Suggestion- Admin Permissions

    Social Groups is of very little interest to me, but good thinkin Jay, and thanks for the suggestion. I am aware of that...."alternative", but my suggestion still stands. It would be nice...
  8. Give us some more settings in the Admin restrictions for Forums. Right now, we can either give access to forums, or not. How about being able to assign Admin over Categories, or Forums (treated as categories) that will allow the admin to create, edit, delete, assign mod..etc....but ONLY in that category. This would be very useful on my board.
  9. AVChat 3 Video Chat Application for IP.Board

    No one is going to purchase a modification more expensive than the software itself...Be reasonable....................
  10. (DP30) Show Subforums Changer 1.0.0

    Need a 3.2 Version, chyea boy!!
  11. can anyone point me in the direction of downloading this recent statu update app/hook

    1. TheRevTastic


      It comes with your IP.Board by default.

  12. waiting for install of board

    1. Collin S.

      Collin S.

      Have you opened a ticket? We need your server info before we can install it. :)

  13. [IF] IPB Shoutbox