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  1. There was no hate anywhere in my message, chap. Go read it. With the intent to hopefully understand why I wrote it. Please, go read it and get off your horse when you do. 
  2. I have no problem with you reposting in here the actual contents of my ticket so that the whole world knows the particulars. However, that's unlikely to achieve anything seeing as IPS have adopted a somewhat defensive stance to this honest criticism in the first place.   1. When I uploaded the incorrect files (which I had no indication at all were incorrect), my site simply stopped working. I panicked because when I did the upgrade to 3.4.8 just a month earlier (also at support's insistence), I had no problems. Why now would I have problems?  2. Your guy replied in 7 minutes by initially telling me I had sent the ticket to the wrong department. Great start as far as courtesy goes. He then said that I hadn't provided him with the details of which site is affected. I only have 2 licenses. Both have all the necessary access details on file. All he had to do was look at either of them and it would have been immediately obvious which one of the sites was in trouble. He might also have looked at my previous tickets to see that the site I had been told to upgrade before was the same one I was having issues with now.  3. I replied 4 times with the correct information, at this point completely in the dark as to whether your guy was doing anything at all about my site being completely offline. Why did it take IPS from 02:38 to 04:54 to respond to a critical issue that they had already responded to earlier? THAT is where the wheels fell off for me as far as patience goes. I now had to initiate a complete folder restore for where I had the wrong files in place. That took a long time because my host was in the process of backing up the VPS when the issue occurred.  4. I eventually got my files restored 6 hours later and at this point I decided to put the site back online before trying to upgrade again.  Six hours may not be a long time for you. It's a long time for me.  What I find more annoying than anything with this episode is that you don't want to accept the criticism I'm giving you on anything. It's not your fault. It's my fault. If you knew anything about customer relations at all you would never have responded in the way you have. That's on you. It's your business, not mine. I'm your customer. 
  3. I guess I am just used to better service and communications from other software vendors and providers.   
  4. So what you're in effect saying is that it's wrong for anyone to complain about what they perceive as bad service? We should just leave it as it is and hope for the best? 
  5. You're assuming that I know nothing about IP Board, or that I have never done these upgrades before! I have done some serious under the hood stuff with Invision products on my own without any help from IPS in the past, including merging two completely different IPBoards from different sites into one massive new site running the same database. Successfully.  This should have been a simple upgrade but because of poor communications from IPS it ended up becoming a problem by having the wrong files uploaded to the site that caused the entire thing to go wrong right at the beginning. The response from support was not friendly and not all that helpful because I had no idea whether they were working on the issue or if I had been left in the dark to resolve it myself. All while the clock is ticking and my site is down. That's the issue. Poor communication. Unfriendly replies that are more accusatory than helpful.  It's not what I expect from a paid support licence. That's why I wrote this post so that they can perhaps learn from it and hopefully improve their service levels without asking people to empty their wallets every time. 
  6. You are really making a lot of assumptions about me in your post Morrigan. They're all wrong, btw. 
  7. I am in GMT +2 time zone on a different continent to the USA.  The upgrade was a fail because communication between IPS support and their customers is not clear and to be blunt it is not friendly either. I run a few of my sites on WordPress and I bought the AVADA theme for it about three years ago. I haven't paid a cent since the initial license purchase but they still give me the most amazing, friendly suport I have ever had. So do my hosts. These guys, not to much. Way too aloof.  Sorry, we're going to have to disagree on support here. 
  8. It's a photographic website. Lots of pretty pictures going back to 2006. 
  9. I have backups and I have now restored the site to just prior to when the new scripts were uploaded. Hopefully the next attempt at upgrading will go better. Regarding your hosting - sounds good, but my site has storage needs of 80GB so looking at the prices I'm afraid you have priced yourselves right out of contention for me. I host on a VPS with Site5 for $99 a month and have been doing so for over 10 years. They have undoubtedly the very best customer service I have ever encountered. You guys would do well to follow their approach to support, especially at level 1. 
  10. I am writing this out of frustration and disappointment with IPS support.  You have created a wonderful range of community products but your customer support is dropping the ball big time and it's unacceptable.  Here's what has happened to me since I renewed my license for support in December:  1. I had an issue with version 3.4.8 where users could not log out. Support bluntly informed me that I had to upgrade to 3.4.9 before they would look at the problem. I had just upgraded to 3.4.8 at their suggestion the week before. I have other issues to attend to in my life and upgrading a site as big as mine on a moment's notice isn't something I can do "just like that".  2. So I finally found the time this morning to do the upgrade. I go into the Client Area and download the new versions of all my licenses (note at this point that there was never any suggestion from IPS that I only had to do the upgrade to IPBoard). I upload everything as per the instructions, taking special care to rename the admin folder and initdata.php file to the name of my admin directory. I go into the upgrade script and what happens? I get a blank page. Refreshing does nothing. Now the whole site is borked. Not even the "down for maintenance" page is displaying.  3. So I open another ticket only to be told that I had sent the ticket to the wrong department and that I had possibly made a mistake by uploading IonCube Nexus which is not compatible with my server. I didn't upload that. I uploaded the Zend 5.3 version. I tell them that all my login details are on file with them. They have all the information they need to deal with my issue.  4. 90 minutes go by and I don't receive any reply from support or updates on whether or not they are doing anything about the issue. My site is down and I don't know what is going on. I don't know if I should restore a backup or just sit tight and wait indefinitely for somebody to help me. This is not support. This is an outrage.  If your company cannot provide proper support for paying customers, why on earth should we pay for it?  All I am asking for is that your support people treat your customers as people and provide timeous responses to questions on open tickets. It's not that much to ask. If you have too many open tickets to deal with then you need to be employing more people to deal with them. It's not good enough, IPS. Not good enough at all. 
  11. IP.Board 3.4.9 Released

    I'm just busy trying to upgrade from 3.4.8 to 3.4.9 and it bombed because it wasn't made clear in your downloads section that you only need to do this for IP Board and not the other apps. So now I have a website that is down for over an hour while I wait for support to do something to help me figure out what went wrong. This is not a 10 minute upgrade. Don't tell people that it is. And please, get your instructions right before doing this to the people who pay for their licenses and support. 
  12. Upgrading to 4.1 will surely kill all my customised templating... :sad: 

  13. Hashtaging

    That's a very close-minded view from IPS, if you ask me. Hashtagging is all over social media for good reason: it's easy to use and its universally understood by users. There is no simpler way to aggregate content than by hashtagging it. Mature communities will soon make it clear to users when they are over using them in posts (or perhaps it could be restricted to certain user groups or by number allowed).  I'd like to see it as a feature of IPS. 
  14. Clicking on downloads on the main menu only takes you to the portal for that area. If you want to search for something in it there really should be a search menu item that corresponds with that name. Having a place called "Downloads" and a search option called "Files" is pretty backwards if you ask me.