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  1. What happened to Marketplace?

    Clicking on downloads on the main menu only takes you to the portal for that area. If you want to search for something in it there really should be a search menu item that corresponds with that name. Having a place called "Downloads" and a search option called "Files" is pretty backwards if you ask me. 
  2. I am trying to find a download for ProMenu but there doesn't appear to be any search option for the downloads section or marketplace, whatever it's being called at the moment. Where should I be looking? 
  3. Wouldn't it be better to allow the Admin the option to chose which method they would like to use? Right now it doesn't work the way I think it should.
  4. Day 3 - no support response

  5. If you create an item in the navigation menu with a sub-menu, there is an option to "Hide this item from... {groups}". This should be changed to be "show this item to {groups}" for logical reasons. If you have a member who is in Group A and also in Group B (secondary) and you want to show the menu item to Group B, but not necessarily those in Group A, it doesn't work if your member is in both groups. Everywhere else in IPS the logic is to include groups rather than exclude them when it comes to granting permissions.
  6. I'm getting pretty fed up right now. Just over a week ago I asked Invision to upgrade my system from 3.2 to 3.4.3 All went (mostly) well, but there are some pretty serious issues that I see no general discussion on. the biggest of these is that I have a script error when trying to send out a bulk mail. Just can't do it. Sending out newsletters is a critical element of running a community. I'm now also noticing that there is a fairly serious permissions issue with the custom navigation in that it isn't showing up items for groups, even though they are specified to be shown to those groups. Nobody is answering me in support and I am not used to having to wait this long. What is going on?
  7. I just started a new community and one of the things I have done is provide a bunch of coupons for new members to join and get the full subscription. I would like to be able to give existing subscribers the ability to invite their friends to sign up by giving them a coupon code to use to purchase a free gift certificate. Apparently you can't do this because of this: Please can you set this up so that we at least have a choice as to whether coupons can be used to buy gift certs?
  8. Import IPB from one URL to another?

    Thanks folks. Yes, the host is the same (it's my dedi).So, it's pretty much a case of copying everything over to the new cPanel account on the server and following the guide above? Seems a lot easier than I had expected it would be! :smile:
  9. Is it possible to import the IPB content from one URL to another one? Including galleries, attachments, Nexus history, etc?I want to change my site's URL and need to know if these issues are easily dealt with across URLs.
  10. Am I the only person using IPB who has outraged members because of this stupid Lightroom bug? Can we PLEASE have the option of using the old method of resizing the posted images? Pretty please??
  11. Since we upgraded to the latest version of IPBoard our members have reported some erratic behaviour with the Lightbox feature. In Firefox 12 on Windows 7 right clicking on an image triggers the Lightbox and no context menu. When the image is displayed in the lightbox a further right click displays a context menu sans the "Copy Image Location" option as well as certain other options, including an EXIF viewer and other plugin options. On OS X the Lightbox in Firefox 12 is triggered, the original context menu does appear at first, but then if you re-right click the displayed image the menu is minus the aforementioned bits again. In IE9 in Win 7 you can right click an image and it doesn't trigger the Lightbox, but the context menu also doesn't display anything like copying a link to the image. I'm a Mac user so I don't know if that's normal or not. Google Chrome on Windows works as expected with the first right click, but the second one is also missing vital information in the context menu. Chrome on OSX has the same behaviour. Safari on OSX seems to work the same as the other browsers. I haven't tried it on Win 7. The problem with this is that we need those original context menu items to refer to images in different threads on our photography forum. Most people these days use either FFox or IE9, and those are the two browsers with the problems. Sure, we can switch off the Lightbox, but then we have to limit the posted image size on posts because otherwise larger images will break the layout. An ideal fix would be if we could please have the option to go back to the older method of re-sizing and displaying large images on posts. Or, if you could at least give us an alternative to Lightbox (which if we are honest with ourselves is about as modern style wise as Bedazzled clothing) that would be good.
  12. I have also noticed that previous categories I had don't seem to pull content. Support says it's because images can't be loaded to them, so if I want to set up a block that pulls from a category (or global album, whatever it's called now), I have to manually add all the relevant albums using that .. unsorted filter selector box. Definitely not advancement on my scorecard...
  13. But on the subject of the way the albums are shown in the block wizard, please can we go back to the way it was before? This is like a rummage sale right now.