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  1. Rename Applications

    Hi, Is this information still current?
  2. IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x Security Update

    So can people confirm it definately works without issue on IP.Board 3.4.6   Thanks,
  3. Google Author Markup / Author rank Support

    The mod mentioned on the other forum ( http://www.moneymakingexperts.org/f12/claim-google-authorship-your-forum-threads-497/ )gives you full control on what you are trying to claim which should be ok if you are only using it for the correct type content you start. Also it does't apply any authorship to the replies If it was only used for IPcontent articles and the blog section, would that be ok? Or does google look at the site as a whole?
  4. Make language packs hidable

    Hi, It is really imporant to hide language packs on some of our installs. Would love this addition instead of manually editing the skins to hide.
  5. Assign Group Upon Registration Approval

    Hi, This is exactly what I am trying to do now with one of my forums - what is the solution? Thanks,
  6. Google Author Markup / Author rank Support

    Where and how do forum members posting their thread starts, blog posts ipcontent articles etc link them to their google profile? And how can they select which ones they want linked as per the options available in this link posted below http://www.moneymakingexperts.org/f12/claim-google-authorship-your-forum-threads-497/ Can't find any documentation on this whatsoever at invision - can you post the links please as this will be a deal maker for the new project plus existing sites. Thanks,
  7. +1 We really need this too
  8. Google Author Markup / Author rank Support

    The way that plugin works is it is only relevant to the person that starts the thread. But this will be really important for us for a new project which we really want to use IPB board, ipcontent and ipblog for instead of wordpress that supports google authorship fully. It is for an ASD site and we want the mums that contribute to be creditied for their input whether it be as guest bloggers or thread starters.
  9. Google Author Markup / Author rank Support

  10. Hi, It would be extremely helpful if the suite could support Google Author Markup Vbulletin has a plugin that allows you to choose which threads you start will be credited to you by allowing you to add Google authorship to them IE - http://www.moneymakingexperts.org/f12/claim-google-authorship-your-forum-threads-497/ Is this something that can be added or is there currently a hook for this out there now? Many thanks