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  1. Does IP.Nexus support pay per topic/post/ad package? Is like news stand purcahse versus a timed subscription delivery. In other words I want subscribers to pay for lets say 15 topics. Each time the subscriber posts a new topic his subscribed topics is decremented by one and of course an email is sent when his per topic subscription runs out, reaches zero. tks
  2. Several questions - VB to IPB

    Here are screen shots of IP.Subscription system http://community.invisionpower.com/gallery/album/1698-ipsubscription-screen-shots/ Interesting I tried to use the gallery BB code [gallery type="album"][/gallery]to point to the images But just putting a link to gallery in my profile does a trick anyway What I wanted was to put the slide show here but no time now for further research. What I really want is this but using script.alisio.us. Anybody know where I can get it? david
  3. Several questions - VB to IPB

    Akonsa I am same person that has been hitching a ride with you on all of this. I just purchased ITB under a new user name and am now getting it setup on my server. When bfarber says "there was a cross of very good timing there" means that he could not answer our questions on IP subscriptions of the previous couple of days because he did not know the answers as how the particular IP subscriptions would fit into their future product Plans. Well now he knows and we know too. Once I get my board completely installed I will give you a report back as to what I find. I can report at this time that there is no additional documentation in download manual on IP subscriptions. But there may well be some more information once I get my ACP up and running. david