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  1. GEO IP - Restrictions

    @Peter Wilcox, could you explain in which cases it could be useful?
  2. Really?  Then, this post is a good example for you, does not it? 
  3. You're wrong. Only "pasting + Enter" will display it automatically. This behaviour is not obvious, a lot of users don't know about it. Also it's not suitable if user don't want go to next line. Btw, your post is not related to problem described above, because button exists. I just suggest better place to display it.
  4. New position of this button is strange and confusing for most of users: How about this change:
  5. Naming for spoilers

    How about this feature? Easy in implementation, but very useful.
  6. Also missed this option. Please, bring it back!
  7. Could you just give us an option to choose the default state of setting "Paste as plain text by default" ?
  8. Yes, this is what i already doing since 3.x, but it's not a solution. Proposed option is a more flexible and correct way.
  9. With the blessings of text-overflow:ellipsis;  we will win.
  10. I already posted this suggestion(on old IPS 4.0 test installation, which currently unavailable) and this idea was supported by many people, but it still not implemented. So, i've attached some images above.How is it now:   More than 80% of space completely not used. There are only 7 scanty thumbnails and nothing else.What i suggest:Pros: 24 images easily fit on one pageAt same time thumbnails are larger, which makes them more comfortable to viewThis grid can be adaptive > a very big advantage for mobile usersetc... In old topic the benefit was described in more detail, but old board is gone. So if someone have a questions, just ask.
  11. Maria Database and IPS4

    MariaDB is a drop-in replacement for MySQL, so, yes, IPB will work fine with MariaDB without any additional manipulations.
  12. The WYSIWYG editor

  13. Wordpress integration feedback

    ​Sadly, but there is no 100% working solutions. Hope someday IPS will make their own solution for WP integration. It's the only way when it can be stable. But at this moment there is endless cycle of the emergence and death of third-party WP-integration-solutions.I prefer to pay to IPS rather than get solutions from unknown sources without guaranteed long-term support.So, IPS, guys, do it for us? Hundreds of users and potential clients requesting it for a years. We're really tired of low-quality/unsupported third-party plugins. Give us a solution, we could pay for that