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  1. First, before someone tells me I'm posting in the wrong area (which I might still be) I'm not asking for a Gallery feature. This is an IPB feature request as I understand it. See this post: I want to make sure someone on the dev side for IPB 3.2 is taking a look at the issues with Gallery integration. It looks like you're moving towards use of Gallery images to replace avatars. That's excellent! Take it a step further and make it so users can link to Gallery images from new posts and replies. I'm stuck on SMF until you add this and that really burns me since I paid for this software already. That's on me for not doing my research deep enough. I figured the Gallery app was integrated instead of merely being attached.
  2. So far, disappointed by how far Gallery 4 misses the mark

    I'm a new user to IPB and Gallery, coming from SMF and the nightmare that's become. I'm truly shocked to see that image linking isn't included for IPB posts. I understand what you're saying about the "hope" that it'll be included in IPB 3.2 but I'd suggest that you have a conversation with those coders to ensure that that happens. Relying on hope isn't a good way of getting things done. At this point I can't move off of SMF until and unless my users can link to images right from a post. Asking them to go back to the method of digging into the gallery to get the url for the image to then return to the forum, sub-forum and make a post...yeah, not happening. If this ends up getting implemented let me suggest that the user's own gallery should be right at the top of the drop down or the picker. Whatever you want to call it. I guess I should have done more digging before spending my coin. I had the impression the Gallery was integrated with the Forum instead of being more like a standalone app. Also, regarding the square thumbs. I think this is going to be a problem for me as well, although perhaps not as much as some others. Still, show me a modern camera that takes square pictures. You'll be cropping every single image in the name of site aesthetics. I'd rather it be usable.