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  1. HCICT added a comment on a blog entry 4.0 - Login Handlers   

    How will blowfish be migrated? first login the hash will be changed or only new members will use blowfish?
  2. HCICT added a comment on a file ACP Login Background Chooser by IPS Themes   

    Nice hook only to bad when you installed "2 Factor Auth for IPBoard ACP" you don't see this extra field and you will lock your self out.
    Thnx anyway :)
  3. HCICT added a topic in Product Feedback   

    RSS visible to press if it is disabled for guests

    When i disable RSS Feed for guests for my blog it isn't possible to read what is written but you can still press the RSS button.
    Can't i turn this off so people know what RSS feed is visible and which is not?

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  4. HCICT added a comment on a blog entry IP.Blog 2.5 Dev Update   

    Is it possible to add friends in the settings page when you creating a blog?
    Now when you want to add friends you must first make your blog and then you can add friends in the settings page.