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  1. Pages problem:Child categories require unique FURL

    I'd suggest reporting that as a bug(maybe even a ticket)... if only for the fact 3.x allowed it, and that can't be a pretty upgrade 'issue' to have,
  2. Sooo...

    Um..... no. As a developer, show me a bazaar-style open source software , I'll show you an utterly horrific codebase. That trend has yet to be broken, probably as PHP is so full of less-than-competent developers.
  3. 4.1 Navigation (single bar) should have no hover delay

    I tend to agree with ehren. Yes, it's arguably minor, but there is really no point to adding a class with js when the css :hover selector is more efficient, and faster. Even with no delay, i still see the styling for :hover before the js adds the .ipsNavBar_active class. Not really seeing the point of the js, if you want it to look like that on hover, style it that way?
  4. I want my credit back - disagree automatic renewal

    I am at a loss then. The very functionality you are screaming and ranting over is vastly appreciated by many of us. We can add credit and not worry over our license lapsing and getting spammed within an inch of our lives for a couple of years or more.
  5. I want my credit back - disagree automatic renewal

    By accepting the account credit you agreed to it being potentially automatically used for renewals. That message has always been there, it's nothing new. The fact renewals are a recurring subscription is not something that has changed, there has been no other option for several years, at least as long as I have been around. The only difference here is you had account credit on file, thus it was automatically paid, instead of generating an invoice and waiting for you to pay through paypal or whatever.
  6. Disable browser notifications?

     I feel silly now. Was rooting around in the browser's settings, never thought to look there(using chrome). Thanks.
  7. Disable browser notifications?

    I'm most likely in the minority, but thought it best to post and see other's opinions. Basically, If I wanted an instant notification of every little thing to happen on this site, I would use email notifications. I used to use inline for things I could review later, and did not need to be notified about right this instant, distracting me from anything I might be doing at that moment(read: code....). Now, I have no choice but to either deal or simply disable all notifications. My email client will notify me like the browser notification does whenever I get an email, so the browser notifications, for me, are annoying. I would very much like to see a per-account preference to disable browser notifications, or at least make them a separate option from inline.
  8. Oh dear lord. This has come up so many times it is not funny. It's caused by how a given browser handles contenteditable, not anything to do with CKE, not anything that CAN be fixed, and 3.4 did the same thing.
  9. Split javascript between header/footer.

    Speed fanatics would want it in the footer, whereas the actual accepted proper place by specification for assets such as script and css is in the head tag. It's a case of practice defying specification really, and the difference is usually minor.
  10. What's holding you back from upgrading to IPB 4.x?

    I won't dare to assume they are all as benign as the screenshot presents, but in the case of the screenshot, he's right. 301's of css and js is not something that is done. The best content and tags pages have literally 0 SEO value, and /login/forum/ was never a stock URL in the first place, the login of 3.x never being furled, so thus is custom, and not their problem, and still has 0 SEO value. There is no point to redirecting such URL's with literally 0 SEO value.In regards to the second issue, the very instant you customize a template in pages, it has become custom code and is not their problem, simply as with enough ability you can make it do dang near anything, and supporting the odd things you can do would be a nightmare.However, that issue is easily fixed, just find in the custom 'entry' template this:{$record->record_image}and make it this:{file="$record->record_image" extension="cms_Records"} 
  11. What's holding you back from upgrading to IPB 4.x?

    If you want or expect backwards compatibility until the end of time, go use wordpress. Being dead serious. While I agree the old url's should be redirected(and I would encourage you to submit a ticket if you notice any that are not), This is an utterly unrealistic expectation. Major versions will, and even MUST break backwards compatibility at the code level.To not do so is to invite entropy and bloat into the codebase. Again, a perfect example of this is wordpress, still supporting PHP 4, objects wrapped in procedural garbage. All for backwards compatibility.
  12. Rare wrong date in quotes

    '{# [1:hora][?:horas]}' != '{#[1:hora][?:horas]}'There's an extra space in your string after the #, both in the screenshot and your copy/paste.... try removing it?
  13. Windows 10

    Windows 10 is..... ridiculously fast. Massively noticeable difference, not really sure why or how, but wow. Fast.
  14. If that route is taken, I'd imagine that attachments would be disabled on the field as well, leaving it as a literal 'quick reply'. *shrugs* I'd be fine with either tbh, formatting in status updates always did strike me as odd, it's supposed to be a short sentence, "what's on your mind", not a book or even a post.
  15. Windows 10

    Oh. Thank god, they actually wrote Edge from scratch then, not sacrificing anything to make addons for IE work. It has a (admittedly slim)chance to not suck. Will take a look in a bit.