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  1. Bug Tracker added a comment on a file [GFX] Featured Articles Grid Block (1x3)   

    Works great and good service from the dev.
  2. Bug Tracker added a comment on a file [DR] IP.Content Live Streams   

    Great App and great support!! Very happy and job well done. Thanks for your service to America!!
  3. Bug Tracker added a post in a topic One Dimensional Ranks?   

    I second this suggestion. I run a gaming community and the lack of special rank modification is difficult. I have a lot of groups and it stinks having to mange them all like they could easily been done with a special rank system.
  4. Bug Tracker added a post in a topic Need programmer   

    Anyone else have any thoughts or might be able to do this for me? thank you
  5. Bug Tracker added a post in a topic Need programmer   

    Let me see if this works. I am looking for something similiar to this -roster.

    I would also be cool with something similiar to this roster You can click on the individual cohorts to see the rosters. I would like tha capabilities to be able to move members from the squads into different positions, if that makes sence. If this could be done within the next month or so is the time frame. Could be a bit flexible on timeframe if you are real busy. Thanks and let me know.
  6. Bug Tracker added a topic in General Chit Chat   

    Need programmer

    I am launching a new gaming community website with IPB. I am needing a roster make up application. Does anyone know if one exist? or does anyone have the capabilities of doing this. I am looking at needing a roster that covers several different gaming platforms and games. Here is an example- http://tw.tghq.org/rosters/index.php.

    I will pay for services.
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