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  1. Purging "Single Use" Member Registrations

    There's a great mod for this that I also use. "Manage Inactive Members" by Martin A. Doesn't appear to be updated for 3.3 yet if you've already made the jump.
  2. members able to cancel account

    That would be fine too. I wouldn't care so much if the account was recoverable or not, but user access to close the account would still be nice. And in any case, I did suggest the restoration be an administrative option. That means the member doesn't have to have their data restored if an admin chooses otherwise.
  3. members able to cancel account

    I think it would be far better if a user could opt to remove their account, but have all posts retained and marked with a guest prefix. Better yet would be if the account was only soft deleted so an admin could restore the account a few days later when the user changes their mind.
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  6. (DP34) Global Sidebars