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  1. The Major added a post in a topic Post Your IPB 3.4 Suggestion(s)/Opinions HERE!   

    the last two I do not agree on
    the second seems irevalent and the first there is a mod for
  2. The Major added a post in a topic Paid Downloads?   

    You can use the ibEconomy Point System, there's a hook where the points will show up in the download manager on a file's main page. There is also a hook for the point system that allows an uploader to recieve points per download as well.
  3. The Major added a post in a topic pre-sales Q's   

    currently some of those features such as the video chat is not available in IP. Chat but there is a app in the marketplace that has a chat that is powered by tinychat that perfectly integrates with your forum. Different topics, and sections are their own chatroom. Far as invisible admin, file sharing, and image sharing you would have to look at the mod, or tinychat itself and see if it is offered.
  4. The Major added a comment on a file Glare by IPS Themes   

    ohh I like, I just might buy
  5. The Major added a post in a topic IPB 3.3   

    you would need to upgrade to 3.3, and the upgrade should be free unless you have an inactive license, in that case you would need to pay the $25 renewal fee and you will be good to go
  6. The Major added a post in a topic Restore the ability to change skin via URL   

    make sure you put skinchange.php?id=[insert skin id here]

    I just figured this out thanks to Ehren
  7. The Major added a post in a topic New License Structure   

    -scratching head- So this means that I would have to renew my license to the Suite right? I currently just have a standard license with just the forum, I would have to get the suite and then put my forum onto it in order to get it to work?
    Also I guess this is where I am confused, the system is going to be the same way as where if I want another addon I still have to pay the 75 then get it, or is it already included
  8. The Major added a post in a topic IP. Content   

    Ok, I guess what my true question is how were you able to make the articles look like they are a whole nother forum section? I see the default templates are made differently, would I have to make a new template and try to design it the way my forums are?
  9. The Major added a post in a topic Timeline also in IPB?   

  10. The Major added a topic in Pre-Sales Questions   

    IP. Content
    I plan on buying IPC in the near future. I've been playing around on the demo and have been reading the documentations on certain features, specifically the databases. From my understanding the whole "resources" section (documentation. articles, and custom services) are made from the databases, am I correct? (Or somewhere close). I was wondering how I could set it up to be the way IPS does having it look like a forum section when it is actually just the database. I've been able to successfully follow one of the tutorials and create a database but I was wondering how the layout was made, because what I'm working with doesn't show up that way.
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  11. The Major added a comment on a blog entry IP.Board 3.3 Dev Update: Miscellaneous Enhancements   

    whelp there goes the log in as member app
  12. The Major added a post in a topic Why the photo on post is different from my profile?   

    What version are you using?
  13. The Major added a post in a topic 3.2 good feedback except iPhone and Blackberry   

    If your members are willing to pay, you could always use tapatalk. It will allow them to go to the different pages of a topic just by clicking on the number.
    A majority of my Tapatalk users have Droids and Blackberry so it's pretty useful for them!
    I believe it's like $4.99 or something like that
  14. The Major added a post in a topic Mobile skin needs some improvement   

    That's all you're supposed to do on mobile
    If you want to do what you want above, install tapatalk or use the full version from your browser(if you have a smart phone)
  15. The Major added a post in a topic Considering the switch from vB 4.1 - some questions   

    Did you convert reputations? If so Did you rebuild your caches as well?