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    Thanks for awesome work!
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    IP.Blog 2.5.2 & 2.6.1 Turkish Language Pack v1.0.0
    for v2.5.2 and 2.6.x

    v2.5.2 ve 2.6.x veiçindir..

    Genel kısımların bir çoğu çevrilmiştir.Kolaylıkla kullanılabilir haldedir..

    3.3.0 & 3.3.1 & 3.3.3 & 3.3.4 & 3.4.x tested
    3.2.x should be

    Türkçe / Turkish
    Dil Yükleme

    Dil Yönetimine gelin ->pc'den yükleme kısmına bu dosyayı gösterin

    Instructions for installing the language:

    Visit your Admin Control Panel > "Look / Feel" tab and click Manage Languages.

    Using the 'Upload language pack from your computer' section, browse for the supplied "language xml.gz" and click Import.

    Importing language packs can be slightly resource intensive, especially with larger packs. Please be patient as it make take a short time to complete the operation.
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    that is awesome! thx