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  1. [Suggestion]Paginate the ACP Category Listing

    This just seems like it was overlooked. How can you deal with any significant numbers of categories? Basically impossible. Need to have pagination and search feature. What can we do to get this?
  2. Suggestion->IPC DB Config->System/Hook Setting Functionality

    This issue is very important to me. I don't know what can be done to urge IPS to help us with this, but it would be truly appreciated.
  3. Minimum & Max Order amount per gateway

    This would be helpful because of the way PayPal decides to process certain payments. There are different requirements for amounts above $250 and below $12.
  4. This would be wildly helpful.
  5. Forum Member Stores

    Too many liability issues. Cool idea, but too difficult to execute correctly. eBay takes bank account info, social security #, etc.... from its users to ensure they get payment and their users dont get screwed. Too risky for IPS to enable their users (the board owners) to collect this information. It also puts board owners with a potential huge liability on their shoulders if one of their members is ripping people off. It would be their merchant account that would be on the line. It is a cool idea in theory, unfortunately its just not practical with the way credit cards are processed in this day and age.
  6. Buy Items with Points?

    This has been suggestion at least a dozen times. This would be a valuable feature some members would use. Seems as though the security issues and risk of fraud might outweigh the benefits (at least for IPS to do it on their own). If someone was able to artificially give themselves points, IPS could be on the hook for a lot of money and a lot of angry users.
  7. IP.Nexus 1.3.0: Global Changes

    Any updates on a super currency/token/credit system? Would this be possible through the "hooks" mentioned? I have seen various posts clamoring for this, not sure if it is in the works or not. Rest of the updates look great!
  8. Does IPB Integrate with Magento?

    I have a similar problem as OP. Has anyone found a solution for this? Has anyone actually integrated a complex 3rd party cart with IPB (zencart/magento etc...)? I am curious to see if anyone has done this, what the issues were, and how it is functioning now.