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    Hi, where do i find "create new skin" in ACP? I can't find it anywhere? Just to be sure im the right place, I am looking in the area that I can add forum categories, also there is a members, system, forum, look&feel, support, stats & logs, other apps. Where do I find it from where I am? Thanks
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    Ok thank you, but with a new forum there is little content until users find it and create the content. I just want the best start I can get to help get users faster. thank You
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    URL set up
    I am ready to buy ip boaard. My question is , when I set it up I have to choose a url for the hosted packages. I want the best SEO URL I can get , using the title I have. Question is, if my wwww. site is apples oranges, (saying these are my 2 main subjects) what is the most SEO friendly way to have it? if someone searches for apples, I want it to come up and the same for oranges. Some examples are www.applesorangesforum.com or www.apples-oranges-forum.com or www.apples-orangesforum.com. My forum is going to be on 2 main subjects and I want the URL to be picked up by search engines the best it can be. Does separating the words in the URL with a dash make a difference how a search engine sees them? Also the dash just before the word forum, is that going to have an effect on how search engines see my URL? I know it is an odd question, but I just want to get this project started off on the right path. Thank You
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    Thank You
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    I was looking over some of the info before I bought IP Board and found
    "Can I install new skins, modifications etc.?

    The software code cannot be modified on our Hosted Community packages. You can however download and install new skins, applications, hooks, languages and more, and install them via your administration control panel. "

    Is this saying that new skins cannot be added if you are using a hosted package? or is it saying it can be done, but the customer, buyer, has to do it?
    it is just a little unclear and I want to be sure before I purchase it. Thank You
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