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  1. Really great support!

    I think I've misunderstanding your past comment: sorry (my bad English...)! wbb is woltlab, instead I've read (badly) 80$ year with ipb, sorry  
  2. Really great support!

    80$ at year is best t'han 75$ every 6months... but I cannot found any info for this :|
  3. Really great support!

    i don't have see this... I still have 75 every 6months (entire suite except commerce) :|   can u please best explain what is this new renewal feed?
  4. Really great support!

    ips, if im not in error, is from usa (gmt +12? i don't Know, but i think 10/12h different by Europe) from homepage: IPS, Inc. PO Box 2365 Forest, VA 24551 (USA)
  5. Really great support!

    yep, is a Great support and i also have received replies to 2:00am and so... But My timezone (italy) is very different from timezone by invision staff, i think
  6. After every update I REALLY hate IPS

    But wordpress core is "just a blog" (no forum, no group, no download, no userblog, no chat... nothing!)... IPS 4, i think, is a bit more complex of a simple blog engine.
  7. After every update I REALLY hate IPS

    02/02/2016 18:57 WordPress 4.4.2 is now available. This is a security release for all previous versions and we strongly encourage you to update your sites immediately.   release update every months, and security issue + many other bugfix. ps: i've some blogs with wordpress, and dev some plugin. i know wordpress from many years and wordpress is total a different type of software.
  8. After every update I REALLY hate IPS

    tnn: I did not say that are good. my comment is: (maybe u prefer software house "ah, a critical bug? ok, next months, maybe... if i've time...") regards...
  9. After every update I REALLY hate IPS

    Admonstrator: this software is for thousand of website, whit many different webserver, different cpanel, different admin (and is important) xD really! every piece of code cannot work fine from starting in every circumstance. eg: windows do not work fine in every pc. it release update every months (many MB of update - and sometime also big servicepack)!
  10. After every update I REALLY hate IPS

    imho, is best a software house that release a new version every day if is necessary (if exist important bugs to fix). I dream a perfect cms that not require update and work whit all my requested feature in eternity, but this can't be exist (this is utopistic). ips4 is a new software, and a new software require a period of (i don't know how i can explain in english... sorry)... require some time to be optimized, to be stable! ipb 3.4 series is more stable than 4, i think. but ips 4.1 does one click self update, mobile optimized and many new feature than 3.4 (for sure is more usable and modern). this is a great feature and isn't a great problem if ips release a new version every day. - every new version is something something that is fixed (i hope) and if new feature is added what is the problem? here exist a team. someone, i think, for new feature, someone for bug, someone for markeeting ecc
  11. Twitter? Facebook? Tumblr? Google+? ... i've search without great result :|
  12. 7$ for a mod for white space? .... so, i prefer white space (or simple jquery. or css...) :| sometime i ask to myself why i don't migrate to wordpress :/ EG: This is a plugin (dev by me) with more than 20k active installations: Here, instead, we pay for ipb (ok, grat app ip great support - i'm happy to pay for this), themes (mmm... many themes now want 6months renew and many other as asked new feed with ips4 - imho, this is not a great way), and many many plugin (yes, i know, some plugins need many hours of work and support, but many others are very little apps and isn't possible to ask ***$ for any little plugins in marketplace)! - a big "bravo" to all user who make free apps (or donationware etc) - eg: BIM41 and his chatbox app! i am real sorry for this, but this is my opinion.
  13. Hi! I've try to put "images" in front page (top of home page) but this block remain also inside content articles and i don't have fount a valid way to remove from here! I think home and subpage need a different setting from blockmanager. In home i can put more blocks (like latest image, latest download, more read articles etc) but when i click in article i want see just this article (and no scroll down to pass all block already present in home) :|   regards...
  14. Add tag on feed rss

    Hi! I've see in dlvr a setting for tag: but in my pages rss tag isn't present (so, can't be imported in social network).   i don't know if is a bug or work as expected, but tag in social rss > in social can be a good improvements.   thanks, S.N.
  15. Auto share official plugin?

    Hi! Today i'm on work for autopublish on: facebook; twitter; tumblr; (this 3 more simple with dlvr) - google+ (a bit more complex, but possible with hotsuite)... and now i want try on pinterest and, maybe, also some others. ok, maybe all is possible with external service + feedburner (hotsuite see as invalid ipb feed), but, imho, a suite like ipb need to have this from default (pinterest from gallery!) etc. also, i think pinterest need to be added in share list.   regards