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  1. Facebook connect enhancement

    a screen from lpgin handler in ipb 4.* (sorry, on ita, but real name is present)  
  2. my opinion is best to move "edit signature" inside "edit profile" page: yourprofilelink/?do=editatm, instead, I need to go in account setting and search in a strange and hidden location: don't know if there is other reason for this, but I think isn't simple atm.regards...
  3. @‌Rhett: We have demo link for test ipb in cloud... Maybe an ipb board in cloud with dev tools can be a good idea for test and dev new plugin  
  4. ipdownload, merge file reviews and comments

    sorry, but reviews is different by comments!u can make a review of something u know fine, u've test, used (in download, if u want, u can enabled review only after file download...). a comment is simply.... a comment! maybe a simple: ah, ok, maybe tomorrow I install it, or: thanks!so, something is best to use review (download; book; etc)something, instead, is best to use comments (topic; articles)...but, In some circumstances, both can be a good choice (maybe a video gallery, or links directory...) this is just my opinion (and sorry for my poor English).regards...   
  5. please, reorder category for ips4

    yes, thanks. I post here.but many people post here: cause product feedback dispersion and confusion.some post in one location, other in another location...maybe a sup-version-category is a best way for user to navigate forum and post content in right location.thanks for your time Ryan regards.. 
  6. eg, where i can put feed-back d'or 4?more People put this in sub category For For 3.4 or below... we don't have a specific category For ips4 apps.I think is necessary to reorder and separate ips3.* vs ips4.* with primary category. thanks and sorry for poo,English...
  7. In i still can't empty a bad (cause by digit error... or duplicate release) file possible to have a small fix to delete/clean from download list (only from admin, or with permission, or remove if file do not exist anymore in server...)? regards... 
  8. IPS4 - show all emoticons in editor again?

    I think u can fix without problem via template or language system (go in language, search "categories", find string for emoticons and edit as u want)
  9. Ckeditor or Textarea for mobile?

     i don't have many option (wp 8.1) and inside editor i've more problem (move, select, etc... so, is very bugged). 
  10. Unique menu manager?!

    thanks @‌Ralf ... And sorry, i've missed this. 
  11. Unique menu manager?!

    I've pay for ipb, I pay for renew ipb every 6months.. sorry, is just my humble opinion, but ipb is a suite - so, I cannot pay also 60$ +15$ for renewal every 6months, just for a menu manager (feature present from default in every suite like joomla, WordPress, drupal etc).my request is to ips just to make a valid menu manager in core suite (ve have pages, forum, blog, gallery etc... we need to order in menu)!regards...
  12. [Suggestion] Printable view

    maybe u can try this:
  13. Unique menu manager?! ips4, like from this article:we can order element in menu by app and also by pages. but element from pages depends by apps order (if is setup as default etc).cause of it is impossible to have a menu like this:homepage (pages) | forum (core) | directory (pages) | gallery (core) | quotes (pages) | blogs (core) request is if is possible, in future release, to make just a menu setup like WordPress style (primary menu in left panel) for core, pages and any other suite elements.thanks for time,regards...
  14. Pages: "index.php" - bring back Subdomain Support!

    i've lost more, more, more time... -_- 
  15. Introducing: IPS Community Suite 4!

    Download from here: