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  1. Search Gaming-Hall

    Here is one of them
  2. 3.2 Posting Options - Post as DRAFT

    Personally think this is a great idea
  3. IP.Subscriptions can be used perfectly for sponsorships I am pretty sure you can add on any payment gateway on IP.Subscriptions although if you want to untimely make money from your site go for Nexus
  4. Hosted Community

    If not I would suggest
  5. Hosted Community

    You can not get back into the demo account but on a full account you easily can with file edits Nexus is a software which lets you make money from your community basically. It has easy payment gateways, a shop etc Yes I believe it is very easy to upgrade if needed. Although I would suggest using a external host because your saving money as it would takes thousands of members before you need to upgrade. I'm hosted on the tech team can install your IPB for you and they know their stuff and very cheap
  6. Did anyone get a small downtime saying "Error communicating with license server?"

    1. JPavey


      I guess its not just me, IPB services must be having some downtime :/

    2. Moeru Wa

      Moeru Wa

      downtime D:

  7. PSN Down "indefinitely", 71 million people's details stolen by hackers - Not Good

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Connor T

      Connor T

      They messed with geohot then graf, the internet isn't forgiven. Sony had it coming.

    3. dogpatch


      sony had it coming.

    4. TheRevTastic


      Anonymous hasn't taken responsibility for it, they even said they didn't do it, coming from a group that loves telling people that they did what happened.

  8. One Dimensional Ranks?

    I run a gaming forum its not that difficult to do it
  9. Blog or Content

    Content would probably be more complex so you would need to have some coding experience and it can be set as a homepage If you would rather make it easy you could use Blog and set it as the front page
  10. Request for an advertising option

    You can incorporate it with IP.Subscriptions and set a usergroup to be exempt from ads
  11. Just Purchased IP Board

    Good Luck :thumbsup:
  12. Nice idea would be very handy in IPB 3.2
  13. license renewal

    Hello, Please bare with me and read the whole post carefully before you delete it. My forums at have been taken over by someone else as you probably know. My only concern right now is that the license needs renewing by May, otherwise I presume it goes offline. So my question is, can I buy a new license but continue using my current board and all its content? Thanks for your time.lisc