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  1. IPGallery

    Thank you Andy
  2. IPGallery

    I am looking at buying Gallery, I would like to know if I can restrict it to only Admin can create and upload Albums and photos and only Admin and VIP Member groups can see the photos. I would also like to rename Gallery to V.I.P. Area and if someone clicks on the galley that is not a VIP Member I would like a message to say You need to Subscribe to VIP to see the gallery. Is it also possible to embed Vimeo videos in Gallery? Is this possible and is it easy to change the Gallery name to VIP Area? Thank you for your help
  3. IMG 9503a

    From the album CherryGirl69's Album

  4. Ibar

    From the album CherryGirl69's Album

  5. IMG 9095d

    From the album CherryGirl69's Album

  6. Mobivision (Mobile Skin) + Dark Skin Pack

    Looks excellent, I really like that members can upload photos from cell phone. Thank you.
  7. I would be interested in this too, I have a Social Engine website also but it is so much more difficult to control than IPB I am slowly giving up on it and concentrating more on my IPB forum and improving that.
  8. Hosting: Allowed warez,adult?

    My forum is Adult and I use HostGator with no problems.
  9. Creating A Whole Site With Invision Suite

    I use both IP and Social Engine and find they are very different. Social Engine is nice but so difficult to control and the support is not that good. I am slowly coming away from the Social Engine site and concentrating on IP as it is a lot better written and easier to control. Also the Support it so good. They work very differently and you need to really think what you want your site to be. My opinion is that IP forums are far more organized than the Social Engine facebook style. Social Engine has a Blogs and a forums plugin but both are very limited. Also the basic Social Engine package I think about $700 is not that good, you will find yourself spending $1,000's on plugins and add ons to make it more useable! I now have 53 plugins ranging from $40 - $150 each. Hope this helps as I am now back to thinking IP is the best way forward having used both for the last 2 years.
  10. not tech savy but interested in IBS

    I agree Godaddy is also difficult to use, I use HostGator and have no problems
  11. not tech savy but interested in IBS

    I find IPB so easy to use and control and the support from them and this forum is first class
  12. Showing Attatchments in Topics List

    I am using V3.1.4 and am really happy with how it works but am worried about the future so think it is best to upgrade now but I am trying to make sure it is not a step back
  13. Showing Attatchments in Topics List

    Thank you Andy the support just told me they dont support my version anymore and I need to upgrade, I will look at that hook thanks
  14. I already have IPB 3.1.4 and it is all exactly as I want it except for a minor problem with redirects. I have asked for help but unfortunately it is still a problem so I was told to submit a ticket. This I did but support for my version is no longer available. I am told I must upgrade, I do like the look of the new version but I notice that on my board when I go to forums there is a small paperclip to show if the topic contains attachments, this is very important to me. On the new version this is no longer there so there is no way to see if the topic contains photos without opening it. Is there a way of doing this please?
  15. Suggestion! in the features

    I think that members are more likely to post if the feel they know other members better so I like the idea of the forum being more social. I have just added Headstand's News Feeds to my forum to let members know what is happening.