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  1. Lower your copyright removal price

    Id like to say, Im proud for advertising such a great business
  2. When is IPB 4.0 ?

    Hi, Its 11:00 pm, any chance of this coming out at midnight? (Just Kidding)
  3. IP Board 4.0

    Seriously, Why do people keep asking about Ipboard 4.0? IT WILL COME OUT WHEN THEY ARE READY. You will get the same response everyone else will.
  4. 4.0 - Advertisements

    Or make it alot nicer looking on an side bar, so we dont have to edit and add code ourselves.
  5. I personally think that anyone that has stolen a product from IPS, shouldnt get any tech support in transferring anything. But thats just my two cents.
  6. So I made the leap to try this product, and I was very impressed, there customer server was amazing, helped me install avchat with no issue. I would definitely recommend them. They will go out of their way to help you.
  7. can work as classifieds ?

    Only the admin and anyone who you give access to it, but keep in mind if you give them access then they can also remove other peoples stuff. I wish it was more user friendly like that :
  8. Thats my reason too, Ive got a very large gallery and for 30 bucks for 1.5 gb of space wouldnt cut it. I hope the space will be x100 times that
  9. I would love to use this. One thing that has always kept me away from you guys, is the storage. I sure hope with the great news comes with more competitive storage options. 
  10. Remove CopyRights

    I wouldnt want to remove the copyright, I love IPB and if I can support it by showing people how good it is, then Id love to keep the hyper link there.
  11. Well, then maybe you should reread that, because I was not taking any side to it. Anyways, its done.
  12. Considering, a forum is a place to express your opinions, I just thought I would point that out to you since you appear insult my intelligence. If you cant say anything nice, dont say it at all.
  13. Well good thing this is a forum and we are all entitled to our opinions, Kirito.
  14. I couldnt agree with Lindy, more. Thats like cancelling a subscription of a magazine, then asking for the latest cover for free. But, I could see how if he wanted to still download for an older version of the software why we shouldnt have access to doing it. With the renewels, arent we paying for the support and "most latest version"? I feel like we should have the option to download the version that was included with the renewal we had. But with the limitation, I can see how that is a pain point :)
  15. IP.Board 4.0 Wishlist

    I dont know if this entails other addons.... But PLEASE do something with IPChat. Make it easier to be more customizable, such as allowing users to have there own fonts color without having to select it everytime they want to type something. Make permissions better, such as making it so you cant kick a admin etc. Also something else, an ignore feature that ignores if a person is chatting.