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  1. Mark H added a post in a topic I need help   

    Please have the licensed site owner file a ticket to support, and we'll be glad to assist.
    (If the site owner wants to, they can add you as an Alternate Contact so that you could file a ticket on their behalf.)
    Thank you.
  2. Mark H added a post in a topic Can I add a locale if I go with IPS hosting?   

    Apologies for the delay in answering.
    We're unfortunately not able to add a locale to our hosting, I'm afraid.
  3. Mark H added a post in a topic Mark as read bug?   

    Please ask your friend to file a ticket to support, and we'll be glad to assist them.
  4. Mark H added a post in a topic Previous download versions   

    IndieIndeed... I do see that your license is active, so you should be showing as an active customer.
    Can you please logout of this forum and our main site, then log back in here? That should synchronize your member status.
    But if you still do not show as an active customer after doing so, please file a ticket to Account Services, and we'll be glad to fix that.
  5. Mark H added a post in a topic license weird   

    1) You would have been able to download the most-recent version 4.
    2) I'm not sure I understand what you're asking. The software is available only from us, in the Client Area. Any other outlet would be unauthorized (pirated), and a violation of the license terms.
  6. Mark H added a post in a topic Support thanks.   

    Thank you for the kind words, they're appreciated.
  7. Mark H added a post in a topic Favorite Browser?   

    Firefox here.
    Have tried the others, but I keep wandering back to Firefox.
  8. Mark H added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    "Default" language not being honored
    Ticket 916557
    Two languages present, Hebrew (ID 3) and English (ID 1). Hewbrew is set as default language, but when a visitor shows up they see English.
    Once logged in, the default is still not honored, and English still showing, but the Language Selector shows "no" language is selected. There's no check mark after either one in the list.
    If I manually choose a language then the check mark is present, and switching languages does make the check mark follow the choice.
    The core_members table shows the value for 'language' as a zero if no language is specifically chosen (similar to version 3), and core_sys_lang does show Hebrew as being set to default, yet English is still shown on the front end until a manual switch is made. The language field in core_members does reflect a manual Language choice, 1 or 3, but when set as zero, they see English on the front end despite Hebrew being the default.
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  9. Mark H added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    ACP Restrictions issue
    In version 4, I'm trying to setup ACP restrictions so that one member can add to the Acronym Expansion list. I've configured it this way:

    which should be the right settings. However, once I login with that member, I only get this:

    Permissions were not granted for either Adv Config or Search, but it may be related that those are the two items shows below the enabled setting:

    And I'll note that clicking either of those two, produce the 2S107/1 error.
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  10. Mark H added a post in a topic IPS Hosted Community   

    Yes, our hosted packages have version 4 installed by default now.
  11. Mark H added a comment [4.0.4] Can't view profiles   

    Changed Status to Closed
  12. Mark H added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    4.x Pages - new page with menu, replaces default tab
    Per Matt, this was happening prior to 4.0.3, but......
    On a fresh install at least, if you create a new page (call it "Test Page", file name "testpage.html") and, during creation, choose to add a menu tab, when you save the page, the original "Pages" tab on the front end nav bar, for "articles.html", is replaced by the tab for the new page.
    So "Pages" (linked to articles.html) becomes "Test Page" (linked to testpage.html).
    You can fix that by using the Pages Menu builder to add the original back in, but it's not intuitive that that needs to be done, and it seems more of a band-aid than an actual fix.
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  13. Mark H added a post in a topic Excellent Customer Service   

    Thank you for the kind words, they're much appreciated.
  14. Mark H added a post in a topic Hide tab from groups option?   

    Please see this screenshot:

    Note: That hides the tab, but as the help text says, those with permissions to visit the app can reach it with direct URL.
  15. Mark H added a post in a topic SSL login for hosted communities   

    SSL is only available on our hosting at the Ultra 100 package level and higher, and requires purchase of the (annual) SSL package in addition to the monthly hosting.