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  1. EX1146 normally means the files for an upgrade are present, but the upgrade itself was not run. Make sure you run the upgrade routine. Once done, if the error persists, please file a ticket to support.
  2. License expired - or what

    Is the license you selected to get that popup, one of the old "Legacy License" types? If so, that's normal since Legacy licenses won't have access to version 4. If this is a Standard License, however, please file a ticket to Customer Service under that license, and they'll investigate.
  3. Market Place Theme Downloads

    Only the site owner can download products, from either the Client Area or our Marketplace. You would have to ask the owner to download the items in question.
  4. Windows or Mac?

    While I have been an admitted MS fanboi for decades (having joined the IT field even before MS-DOS was created), I now also own a Macbook Pro and don't regret buying it one bit. I use PC for gaming and work (I'm not a developer), and the Mac for everything else. When traveling, it's just the Macbook. As many have said, it's a personal choice. But if I were to buy a new desktop computer now, I think I'd go with a Mac Pro over a Windows PC.
  5. Thank you, Invision

    Thank you for the kind words, they're appreciated.
  6. Best web hosting

    As has been stated already, discussion of hosting other than ours is not permitted. Thank you for your cooperation.
  7. Is 4.1 Current Version for New Sales?

    If you sign up for a hosting account, version 4.1 will be installed. If you have a self-hosted license, both versions 3.4.8 and 4.1 will be available for download in your Client Area.
  8. Calendar

    Go to ACP -> Community -> Calendars. On that page in the upper right should be a blue button that says "+Create New". Click that to add a Calendar.
  9. Cannot purchase/download items

    Please try this. First logout of the forums, then logout of our main site (if logged in there). Then log back into the forums. If you still show as a "Visitor" rather than a "+Client", please file a ticket to Customer Service, who will sort fix that.
  10. Favorite Game

    Only one favorite, eh? I'll have to go with The Witcher 3 (on PC).  
  11. vb5 cloud to IPB4

    Welcome to IPS.  
  12. Where to upload conversion Script?

    You show as a non-customer account ("Visitor"), so you'll need to login with your customer account then ask that question in an appropriate support area. As this is not a Pre-Sales question, the topic will be closed. Thank you.
  13. Forum Access

    Our apologies for the delay. You have a ticket in Customer Service about this issue, and it will be addressed as soon as someone is available. Thank you.
  14. Customer here

    The account you used to make this topic is not the same one you used to purchase the software. You would need to login to the Client Area using the email address and password that was used to make the purchase. If you do not have access to that email any longer, or you are not able to reset the password for it, then please send an email to, and include the email address you used to make the purchase.  
  15. Upgrading IP.Board

    Welcome back. If using version 2.x you have to upgrade to version 3.4 first, then you would upgrade to version 4. And yes, we can perform the upgrade for you. All you need to do is file a ticket in the Client Area.