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  1. Great Support

    Yes!!! I agree! My requests have been answered and solved rather quickly. I have nothing but good things to say about the support staff here. Thanks! Roger
  2. Site Advertisements

    The only way I think it possibly can be done is by adding a custom ad location in the side bar but I am unsure on how to accomplish that.   Roger
  3. Site Advertisements

    Yeah there are two you can get. And for the side bar, this one you have to chuck in your own html but it works.   Roger
  4. Classifieds

    Very interested in how this works. carnity   Roger
  5. (NB34) Separate pinned topics

    This little hook cleaned up my board and looks great. It doesn`t interfere with nexus ads either!
  6. Offline Advertisement Ideas

    I have used many of the ideas that are in the first post. They work great. I own and have started events with my site. Such as a bass tournament. This tournament took right off. Registration is done on my site. I also have another tournament using my site as a registration place. Other things that will work and maybe you can try them they worked for me. I have organized a river clean up. This is also treated like a member meet and greet. The real bonus is newspapers, T.V. News and radio stations will scoop this stuff up and by getting your hands dirty you can get a ton of free advertising! I have left posters for my site at bait shops and tackle stores. This really moved the traffic to my site. Word of mouth is the big ticket for me. I have had some free give away contests on my site. They are only open to members and this really helps to encourage new sign ups. Roger