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  1. Support for PHP Memcached lib

    whats the diff?
  2. Google Checkout - Alert Pay - and more

    7SiN: I was misunderstood here. I was talking about ipb will make 1000 more sales every month just by people who see more gateways being added. In all cases i seek alertpay and libertyreserve!
  3. Google Checkout - Alert Pay - and more

    i guess the following MUST be implemented: alertpay Liberty Reserve moneybookers but mainly alertpay it became very popular after paypal started to scam most users and ended many doors for families to life.
  4. Two features have to be brought back

    i agree with 1 only
  5. VBulletin 3.8 to Invision Software

    if u want help to convert your site let me know. i have converted from the past as well and i managed to make everything work perfectly. ipb is a great choice!
  6. money gateways missing!

    bump!! alertpay all the way
  7. Google Checkout - Alert Pay - and more

    i agree, nexus for me is useless since it only supports paypal. what about alertpay? moneybookers? Liberty Reserve!? it takes 1 week of work and in return you have 1000 extra sales every month
  8. Switch from Rich Text to Regular Editor

    not that i hate WYSIWYG but as a webmaster i'd rather use the old bbcode way
  9. Switch from Rich Text to Regular Editor

    ipb are doing great, but they can tweak this issue only. not to gray out the options! i know ipb tries its best to be different. but its not always what people want. just saying..
  10. Switch from Rich Text to Regular Editor

    just do like vb, toggle between the old and new way
  11. What do you think of 3.2?

    sadly there aren't real skins around that stands among the rest. i would really like to see a skin that makes me stop for a moment to explore it. sadly.. this never happen
  12. Most donation goals are basically server fees and such goals always reset and the end of every month. i suggest that Nexus should upgrade such feature to add an option to reset goal at the end of each month. what do you think guys?
  13. agree on this as well, i was thinking about how useless and seemingly not practical follow topic is in new ipb.
  14. Switch from Rich Text to Regular Editor

    this is messed up, look at vb, they allowed users to toggle between WYSIWYG and old style editor. IPB wanted to be different like always and forced members to WYSIWYG only..
  15. Features removed from 3.1.4

    hiding images is the best feature any browser have, else i can not be here using the internet due to very slow internet in my region. i like over 150$ for 256kbps and 4gb bandwidth limit a month. who can live with it? and yeah when i open some of my adult websites, i tend to moderate stuff and not to look at the ladies, so hiding images is very important.