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  1. 30$ skins in marketplace

    Recently I saw skins with 30$ price in marktplace ! , http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/4807-genesis-32/ http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/4792-whispers32-skin/ http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/4437-uniform-32x/ I really do not understand how skiners put the price , I know designers can do complete custom skin with 50$ .
  2. Bulk pricing , RTL Support

    Hello again , We are going to move the most of our currunt customers and all new customer to IPB instead of vb ,point 1 1- is there a Bulk Pricing plan ? 2- if yes : should all packages to be active in the same time or we can manage them 3- bulk renewal pricing ???point 2 it seemed that ips right to left skin is stable at this time , But by due to of our experience in vbulliten4, and it's incompatible with RTL :alien: , we are always afraid of the future . so we want to ask about : 1-is there local RTL agent 'semi official support RTL sites' 2-is there a support in languages other than english 'Arabic , hebrew' many thanks
  3. is there RTL in ipb3.2.0

    1. Ryan H.

      Ryan H.


  4. is there RTL in ipb3.2.0

    hello , 1-is there a plan to add rtl skin to ipb.3.2.0 ? I can not see anything about this in company blogs , 2-is there many free ipb rtl skin in download section
  5. Glare by IPS Themes