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  1. I was wondering if there could be an option to add either Custom banner Google Maps Live Stream for the event/event video trailer. I know media and banners can just be added into the calendar post, but it would look more neat if it were displayed like :
  2. I am moving my community to IPS' competition.

    I can't be the only one here that wants to see this users site.
  3. Gallery 5.0 Goals

    Embed video ;_;
  4. Fake a few members on new boards

    Even better, invite real life friends that are into the forum subject and have them post. When we first started the site it already had 7 active members : Wife, 2 of my friends, and 3 of hers :)
  5. flv HQ test

    30fps 6000 bit rate 720p
  6. flv test
  7. test MOV
  8. Test SWF
  9. You also forgot to mention a good reliable host, it's really frustrating using a forum that has 80% uptime rest was all internal server errors or down time. Whenever you post you are forced to copy paste your message onto notepad just in case it times out when trying to submit the message...
  10. Community Management

    My girlfriend loves Tumblr, so she decided to make one for our website. Just like you mentioned she does all the above ^^ Although it's doesn't get a lot of Tumblr users to the forum, it's better then nothing (: Not to mention it's pretty easy to find people that have similar interests on Tumblr. Thanks to the Tagging system.
  11. IP.Gallery Videos

    Before I purchase it, there are a few things I need to know >.< I've tried it on the Demo boards and the Gallery on IPS. What formats does the flow player playback? I've uploaded a .flv to the IPS gallery and it does not play back any visuals. It has the timing right 0:11 second, when you play video it nothing shows up just an empty 0:11 second video. If I want to upload 500mb videos can that be done via the gallery uploader? or that has to be done via FTP. Any hooks/mods for linking to 3rd party video hosting sites? or does it already have that built in ( I can't seem to find the option ). Video Thumbnails, does that exist for videos? Thanks for taking your time to answer these, much appreciated!
  12. Video Tutorials?

    Oh those ones are easy to install, just dump them into your root directory go into Manage Applications & Modules and install. After you installed it, they should apear in the Other Apps drop down menu.
  13. Video Tutorials?

    here you go, sorry my English is not so good :sad: hope it helps, the video is in 720p so you can watch it in full screen with detailed quality (:
  14. is there is a roadmap for ?

    I don't think there is a way you can subscribe to news and updates, best bet is to subscribe to the News and Information Forum or the IPS Company Blog. If you subscribe to those links I listed, you'll be notified when threads/blogs like these http://community.inv...t-140-released/ are made.