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    Removing Status Updates from view for guests
    Hey there! I'm still new to IPB, and I had a question. Is there anyway I can remove the status updates hook from view for guests, yet have registered members still be able to view and use it?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Thanks for the quick response and support, it is much appreciated!

  3. .Digital. added a topic in Product Feedback   

    IP.Board Help
    Hey there.

    I'm on staff with a forum that runs off IP.Board. As I remember, a few days ago Invision Power was having some network issues. Our forum went down for a few hours, but was up later that day. Unfortunately after the forums went back online, I have been unable to access the Admin CP due to a "driver error", and the Private Message system has been down for the same exact reason. It's been this way for over a day.

    Is there anything I can do? Is this an issue on my end or on the end of Invision Power? Any assistance would be much appreciated.



    (On a side note, I apologize if this is the incorrect forum to post this in. I'm not the "official" owner of the forum, just on staff. I don't have a customer account and thus was unable to post in the IP.Board support section)
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