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  1. Glare by IPS Themes

    Hi Tom, just letting you know that under 2560 x 1600 resolution the background images look a little messed up. Perhaps you can add a gradient to each end of the images.
  2. Enjoying the rain :)

  3. Pulse by IPS Themes

    Hi Tom, I just purchased your skin - great work. However, there is a problem with IP.Content drop-down navigation menu items. Can you please have a look at it on your test board.
  4. IP.Calendar Suggestions

    I absolutely agree with integration into the forums. Does anyone know if they plan on spending some time on the calendar at all with the above?
  5. IP.Calendar Suggestions

    Couple of features that are offered on other BBS CMS's for their calendars that are missing in IP.Board: 1. Post calendar event as a new thread in a defined forum for each calendar 2. Custom fields, such as a map link or even to add addresses or contact numbers for events. Those additions will make the calendar much more attractive to customers.
  6. Unfortunately, no thats not what I'm talking about. You can achieve what you're after with a simple feed block in IP.Content. As for what I'm after, I'm talking about the actual graphical calendar where it lists '(3) Events' etc for each day. I would like it to just show what event is on each day, rather than a sum of the numbers.
  7. IP.Calendar - List event titles in calendar overview instead of the number of events ^ Is this possible, or an option anywhere for this? The monthly overview is kinda useless if you have to click on each individual day to see what happening.
  8. IP.SEO 1.5 Dev Update

    Can I suggest that you spend some time on IP.Content? I would be very easy to include some of the fields in databases for the meta tag and meta description. I have 30,000 records, and writing a custom meta description and tag for each is just not going to work.
  9. Haha, well lets hope you're right :D