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  2. Is there any way to keep my members if i start a new forum?

  3. can i download beta 3 yet?

  4. Will i have to pay for 3.2 when its out??


      No, i think Matt and Charles will give it to you as a present! Congratulation!


      ...sorry, just see you are a (active) customer. As a ACTIVE customer you can access to all future releases (if your license is active).

  5. can i use my license key when im installing 3.2 on my test board???

    1. Breadfan

      Yes, but add right afetwards "-TESTINSTALL" and use it only on ONE test installation.

  6. were can i download beta 2?

    1. DeRealDeano

    2. LuckyRiver

      Thx for the link, Deano©! IPB poker authentication works like a charm with Beta 2 release! :)

  7. can i download beta 2 yet???

    1. PSNation

      Id you have an active license you certainly can

    2. iFMF

      cool wee do i download it??

  8. When will beta 2 be out???? :)

    1. skindev

      When it is out.

    2. m4ss4

      Before beta 3

  9. IP.Converge and Joomla 1.6

    yes i belive this will work :)
  10. Is there any way to edit the number on the Online At Once Record thing?

  11. How do i get things hidden so it says you have to reply to the topic to access it?

    1. Planetby

      go here

  12. Looking for someone to work in Affiliation with. I own a gaming forum.

    1. DarkGizmo

      What type of forums are you looking to affiliate with and what exactly are you expecting to come out of it for both forums? send me a PM with details. :-D

  13. looking for someone to make a gaming skin for me

    1. xCurlyx

      Send me a pm

    2. Stars25

      Drop me one if you are looking for multiple quotes :)

  14. Whats the best way to advertise my gaming site?

    1. Ichirō


    2. Sandakelum™

      making a partnership with other gaming sites like XBOX :P

    3. Wolfie

      Buy advertising on a decent major network (this excludes NBC).

  15. How do i customize/put what i want on portal

    1. .Ian

      make a post on the forums and people can help. :)