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  1. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Your English translation is spotty at best. 
  2. I am running whatever my host provides.  (Happens to be 7.36.0)
  3. Haven't had a fix from ip.board for 3 versions now, so I will go with what works. 
  4. This cleared up my youtube embed problems also. define('FORCE_CURL', TRUE);  
  5. I have given up trying to embed youtube, I can paste a hundred links and none of them show. 
  6. Learning To Code. IPB?

    I love me my Lynda account.  It has been a real time saver. 
  7. I just renewed, so any time now. 
  8. 4.1 Beta release...

    It has got the smell of an imminent release.  
  9. Stream improvements

    I am digging the new placement for the streams button. 
  10. Month in Review - August 2015

    Has the editor fixes been included in .13?
  11. Classifieds

    Waiting eagerly to buy this, Andy, I am willing to buy it and beta it if you are so inclined. 
  12. How to get more members interested

    Who is DevFuse and why are they the first thing my eye sees when your forum loads?
  13. IPB twitterer

    I know of one that I can entice into working on it for a bit of money.   This is not an overly complex app, we ought to be be able to have a working version for 4.0 in  a week or so. 
  14. PAGES - Confused by IPB & the staff

    Chilihead, check out my subscription system at sedonconnect.com, it does exactly that.