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  1. After every update I REALLY hate IPS

    In the four years of using IPS I don't think I've encountered a show-stopping bug more than once. It's not just the software at play here, it's the very foundations on which you run your website. I have been through some atrocious hosts, struggled with upgrades, etc., and alleviated the issues by moving. What looked like a serious bug on one host, did not manifest itself on another. I've recently moved to a self-managed VPS. I have yet to encounter any issues because I can tailor the VPS to my needs. I know exactly what's running, and the IPS Suite purrs like a kitten on it. I don't think IPS lacks testing. From my knowledge, the releases go through significant live testing prior to being released to the masses, both here on the IPS forums and elsewhere. If you're really risk averse you could hold on updates unless they contain a security fix, but I really would not recommend procrastinating on installing the updates that contain security fixes. That's just downright irresponsible. Overall I think the IPS team do a sterling job. I don't always agree with their decisions, nor do I stay silent when I disagree, but I understand them, I know the difference between a bug and a feature that seems counter-intuitive, and I raise tickets when something show-stopping happens. IPS support have never failed me yet. I will accept minor bugs because, well, that's software development.
  2. Option to reset all members' passwords

    I know, but I also know how to export emails from a database and use a third party mailer. If the IPS forum was compromised I would use a third party mailer. Again, I'm not criticising, I'm just showing alternatives and expressing an opinion that it's a feature that's unlikely to get used much, if at all, by most admins.
  3. Option to reset all members' passwords

    I'm not going to die if my forum gets hacked.  It's a bit of a silly comparison. I also did not criticise your idea, I simply stated it's one of those things that's never likely to get used. I haven't had a forum hacked once and I've hosted forums for a long time. What you've asked for can be achieved through the use of a mass mail (e.g. Dear members, reset your passwords, ta!) and an SQL query.
  4. Option to reset all members' passwords

    You can achieve this with an SQL query. By updating the password via SQL your users would no longer be able to login and they'd be forced to reset their passwords. It's that kind of a feature that, if built, would not be used very often, if at all.
  5. It seems to work fine. 1 2 3 4 5   6 7 8 9 10   2 4 6 8 10   9 8 7 6 5   51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59   I can't see any issues. If you're using BBCode then I suggest using the buttons. They work just fine.
  6. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Seems to work fine?
  7. Tagging people / groups of people

    If it's a control that an admin can enable and, more importantly, disable, on a group by group basis, sure, why not.
  8. Tagging people / groups of people

    I don't disagree that features should not be enhanced, but I don't want members being able to tag entire groups, so I would only be happy with this function if it can be disabled. It's just not something I want to see members suddenly doing.
  9. Tagging people / groups of people

    Please, God, no. I do not want my members tagging my entire admin or moderator groups every time they feel the need to cry, rage, object, cause drama, etc. There's enough moderation work already without adding more to it. I'm feeling dread of this with a small community, can you imagine what it would do to a big one? 
  10. Ip Board Wiki?

    It's not a dedicated wiki app as such, but Pages does appear to have a wiki type function built into the databases feature. Why don't you load up a 5 day demo and test it?  
  11. Lady Christine: Spammer, Spambot or User?

    It looks to me like she's building an online social presence to increase the throughput of traffic to her website. It's not an unusual practice in of itself, but normally such a person would target forums and blogs where they fit in. I guess there are very limited options for her, so she has to resort to any old forum. She has a link posted on reddit and an instagram picture linking to her website, which further indicates an attempt to drive traffic to her website. I looked at the website. It's a very odd setup... Pay her bills. Pay to read her blog. Pay to have personal messages from here. Do people actually hand over money for this kind of stuff?  Spam bot or not, said user likely has very little interest in actually contributing to your forum in any meaningful way.
  12. @Lindy Your efforts do pay off. Embeds are working like a charm. 
  13. Please create more detailed changelogs & bug reports

    I like the current system. I was quite vocal about the lack of visibility of which bugs were fixed in which release, so IPS listened and changed the current bug tracker to address this lack of visibility. It gives many of us the visibility we desire without, I hope, being too resource intensive for IPS. I'd much rather time and attention be focused on fixes than on creating lists of fixes. I'm still loving the frequency at which updates are being released, bug fixes are so much faster now compared to the 3.4.X series.
  14. I demand IPS return my preferred editor.  
  15. PHP7 Compatibility

    A Google search pretty much reveals the job of HTML Purifier straight away: HTML filter that guards against XSS and ensures standards-compliant output. I won't be risking the security of my users with PHP7 due to a lack of official support. I'd rather everything be a little bit slower, but a lot more secure.